Arena TREC Moorhouse 16 Nov info & times

We’ve had an amazing entry for our Arena TREC competition this weekend – please see the start times and read all the information below.

The venue post code is DN6 7HA. It is located in the village of Moorhouse, just a short drive from the A1. If you are coming from the A1, take the exit at Junction 38, signposted for Wakefield A638. Follow the road into the village of Hampole and take the first left turn onto Hampole Field Lane, which leads to Moorhouse Equestrian Centre.  Caution, the road is quite narrow and bendy.

Arrival at the Venue
When you arrive at Moorhouse Arena, please follow the stewards’ instructions for parking, with wagons only at the top end. Please do not leave ANYTHING in the car park – hay, haylage, droppings etc. should be taken home with you.

Times, Arena and Rosettes
We’ll do our best to keep to time on the day, so please help us by being ready to start early if required.

There is an indoor warm up with access to the main arena and even a small standing area where you can see into the main arena. Please keep an eye on the competitors before you and listen to the collecting ring steward’s instructions, so we don’t keep our kind volunteer judges waiting unnecessarily. Number bibs can be collected from the warm viewing gallery before you start, please return these afterwards and then you can pick up your competitor’s rosette.

Local Hack
We have been very fortunate in being able to sort out a short hack of about 4 and a half miles (mini POR) and you can either try copying the route, as you would at a summer TREC competition, or have a pre marked map. There will not be a charge for this but any voluntary contributions would be welcome towards supporting TREC GB. Please do not go out on the hack after 2.00pm, as we need to ensure that everyone gets back to the venue safely before dark. Please also carry a mobile phone or ensure you are accompanied by someone with a phone, so you can telephone back to the venue, in case of an emergency.

The café, serving hot and cold food, will be open during the day so hopefully you’ll be well fed and watered!

We would also really appreciate any help you can offer us with judging and stewarding when you are not riding, even half an hour would be good.

Course Walking
The course can be walked in the short break between each class, with the exception of classes 1 and 2. We’ll do a guided course walk, if required, before Class 4 the Unaffiliated Restricted. Please look at the course plan and read the judging sheets before this if possible. Any questions please ask. We’re happy to give help and advice on the day and want everyone to have fun.

The obstacles we are using for the competition can be found in the TREC GB rulebook, which is available free from the TREC GB website (see right) and will be chosen from this list: Low Branches, Hedge, Bending, Rein Back, Footbridge, Corridor, S-Bend, Immobility, Ditch. All obstacles are OPTIONAL just stop at the obstacle you don’t wish to attempt and tell the relevant judge that you want to bypass it.

Scores, Results and Arena TREC League Scores will be displayed as soon as possible. Individual score sheets for every rider and a competitor rosette for the day will be available in the warm viewing gallery at the end of each class, once the scores have been checked. If you cannot stay to collect these and want them posted please leave a SAE with a LARGE LETTER stamp or a £1 coin.

Please note that TREC GB have changed their criteria for the RS-TOR TREC GB Winter Series Points league since the schedule was published. You must join TREC GB no later than the day of the competition (before or after your class) for that score to be counted for the overall league. This does not affect the placings on the day. More details here:

We’re really looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, but if you have to withdraw please let us know by phone as soon as possible. Sheila Tel: 07780 904857.

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