Young Rider Training Fund

Excellent news for our younger members! WHTG currently holds a small amount of funding reserved specifically for young riders, and the committee have decided to offer this on a per-event basis for riders under 21 to receive funding for TREC training. The aim is to support young riders to rise through the levels and ultimately be skilled enough to compete internationally at Young Rider championships if they want to.

The 2015 Junior European TREC championships for riders aged 16-21 are being held in Eersel, Netherlands, Sept 4-6 2015

The bursary funds will be available for:
Training run by any TREC GB affiliated club including WHTG;
XC tuition with a registered instructor;
On-foot orienteering training with someone like Pete Hawkins from the Silva Navigation School.

Applicants must fulfill the following criteria:
1. Date of birth after 06/09/1994 (under 21 for this year’s YR championships)
2. Fully paid-up WHTG 2015 member
3. Participated in at least two WHTG competitions, including Arena TREC, since 01/10/2013
4. Willing to write a report for the WHTG website, ideally with photos, about the training

Applications must be received by the committee at least 4 weeks prior to the event date, and riders will be notified of the committee’s decision about funding no later than 2 weeks prior to the event date. The committee’s decision is final. WHTG will reimburse riders the agreed amount by cheque or bank transfer after they have successfully participated in an event and submitted their report.

The committee members reserve the right to alter the qualifying criteria at any point. Approval of an application for one event does not guarantee approval for subsequent events.

A maximum of £25 is available per rider, per training event. The maximum funding per rider per year is anticipated to be £100, but this will be reduced if lots of applications are received.

WHTG members under 21 will also benefit from reduced WHTG competition entry fees.

Application form below is to be emailed to no later than 4 weeks before the intended training. If your email is not acknowledged within 2 days please contact Evie on 07939 471564.

Date of birth:
Horse’s name & age:
Email address:
Telephone number:
If under 18, parent or guardian’s name and telephone number:
What TREC experience do you have?
What training are you applying for funding for? Please describe in full the club/instructor/venue and intended activities, and how you hope this will help your performance at TREC competitions:
When is the training?
How much is the training?
Are you willing to write a report about this event for the WHTG website?

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