Provisional scores for Bulcote TREC competition

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The provisional scores are available now for the Bulcote competition held on 21 March, along with a map showing the location of tickets and checkpoints to assist with reading the scores.  You may find it helpful to read the document which explains how each ticket was used at each Level:

Bulcote TREC 2015 competition POR explanation

Bulcote L1 map

Bulcote L2 map part 1

Bulcote L2 map part 2

On the PTV all the Level 2 riders completed the course in well under the time allowed and incurred no time penalties.  To simplify scoring, times for all these riders have been entered as 9 minutes.  Level 1 riders have had their actual time taken entered.

Bulcote scores COP 1i Bulcote scores COP 1p Bulcote scores COP 2ai Bulcote scores COP 2ap Bulcote scores COP 2bp

Bulcote scores POR 1i Bulcote scores POR 1p Bulcote scores POR 2ai Bulcote scores POR 2ap Bulcote scores POR 2bp

Bulcote scores PTV 1i Bulcote scores PTV 1p Bulcote scores PTV 2ai Bulcote scores PTV 2ap Bulcote scores PTV 2bp

If you have any queries which could affect affect the overall results, please email no later then 9pm on Wednesday 25 March so these can be checked before the scores are finalised.  Rosettes and individual scoresheets will then be sent out by post.


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