Woodhouse TREC Results

Well done to everyone who came ‘up North’ to enjoy yet another spectacular competition in the shadow of Roseberry Topping to end the 2015 Summer TREC season.

Huge thank you to tracer Paula Kay, TD Peter Bean and organiser Paula Bean for putting on another successful event for 60 horses and riders to enjoy – even ordering perfect weather, all riders stayed dry and had sunshine to bask in while waiting for the results.

Thanks also to our many volunteer judges who gave up their time, energy and muscles, without whom the event could not have run.

The delicious home-baked goodies from Meg Crossley raised around £400 for the Young Riders Fund, and were appreciated by judges and riders alike! We hope that this culinary fund raiser will be repeated in the future.

Photographs will be available from Steve Wall by Wednesday 30 September, if you have any of your own that you would like to share then please put them up on the club’s facebook page.

Woodhouse 2015 L1 Overall
Woodhouse 2015 L2 Overall
Woodhouse 2015 L3&4 Overall

Woodhouse 2015 L1 MA
Woodhouse 2015 L1 POR
Woodhouse 2015 L1 PTV

Woodhouse 2015 L2 MA
Woodhouse 2015 L2 POR
Woodhouse 2015 L2 PTV

Woodhouse 2015 L3 MA
Woodhouse 2015 L3 POR
Woodhouse 2015 L3 PTV

Woodhouse 2015 L4 MA
Woodhouse 2015 L4 POR
Woodhouse 2015 L4 PTV

Report from Paula Kay – (Traceur)

Well for this TREC I marked myself 9/10. The one point coming off for a fast time over warren moor! Sorry for this one folks and l have taken it on board for next time!
But the weather was great. Views were spectacular and a Saturday evening gathering round an outdoor fire pit was magical.
And a big thanks to Peter and Paula Bean who helped me out, double checking and making sure everything was in place for a smooth event.
The food was good and the catering by Meg Crossley just enhanced the occasion, as well as raising lots of funds for the young riders.
Steve Wall put him self out by walking a good part of the route. This meant that Saturday’s POR photos just had the best backdrop ever, looking back into Baysdale in the North York Moors.
Thank you all for the lovely comments and thanks. It is very much appreciated and makes it all worth while.
And for me, it was great to see you, my old trecie friends again. Hope it’s not too long before I see you all again.
Paula Kay

From:  Peter (TD) & Paula (Organiser)

From our point of view a big thank you to Paula. Her attention to detail makes the checking job so much easier.

As has been said, the weather plays a big part in an event like this and l can confirm this when checking the bearings in the heavy rain & mist – absolutely wet through – l was so aware that the weather could quite easily have cancelled our plans at the last minute.

A huge thank you to our helpers and to you the competitors for your comments, letters and kind words – let’s hope the last competition of the season sets a bench mark for Spring 2016.

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