Times & competitor info for Thornton House 28 March

WHTG Arena TREC Competition
Thornton House Equestrian, Barmby Moor/Allerthorpe Woods, York, YO42 4DD.

Thank you for entering our Winter TREC competition this weekend – please read the competitor information below and you’ll find the start times at the end. As it is Easter Monday, please give yourself plenty of time to travel.

The venue post code is YO42 4DD although this is the private house entrance it is NOT the entrance you use to come into the venue. Use the A1079  – coming from either direction turn down Sutton Lane,  (petrol station on junction Pocklington Motor Care) approximately 0.5miles is a left turn towards Thornton (will be signposted with WHTG sign) follow road past woods/car park and venue entrance is immediately on your right through metal gates.

Arrival at the venue
When you arrive, please park sensibly in front of outdoor arena on the concrete – not the grass. If your vehicle is large, it might be an advantage for you to park at the entrance gates & ride down to the school. Please do not leave litter of any kind in the parking area – please bring a rubbish bag, manure bucket & shovel with you.

Times, Arena & Rosettes
Times are at the end of this information. We will do our best to run to time on the day, so please help us by being ready to start – it might be we run early. There is an outdoor arena to warm-up in and there will be a few poles out for your use.  Please keep an eye on how things are running and listen for your number to be called. Number bibs can be collected from a box placed either in the new viewing gallery or by the door on a table.
Please remember to return your competitor bib! You can then collect your competitor rosette.

These will be served during the day – especially at lunchtime – hot food in this weather is always welcome! This will be in the in the room adjacent to the stairs.

Course Walking
The course can be walked from around 9am and also in the lunch break. There is a new viewing gallery so make use of this facility to familiarize yourselves with the course.

Each class will have ten obstacles taken from the following list:
Hedge, corridor, neck reining, footbridge, ditch, low branches, bending, s-bend ridden, ridden immobility, rein back, led s-bend, led corridor, led ditch. A course list will be displayed, please make sure you take time to read it (it’s useful to take a photo of it on your phone to refer to!)

N.B.  Classes 1, 2, 5 & 6 will have the MA first (Control of Paces) before going onto the obstacles. Classes 3a, 3b, 4a, & 4b are obstacles only.

Thornton House Start Times

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