Hot competition at Bulcote TREC!

52 riders packed their sun cream, shorts and smiles and descended on Bulcote Farm in Nottinghamshire this weekend for the first two day WHTG competition this year. Severn Trent Water and farm manager John & Katie Jackson had kindly agreed to let us take over their historic farm for the event. The horses were happy with the corralling field, with knee high grass and plenty of space.  On Saturday morning the Level 4 riders were not the only ones with an early start, as the Level 2 classes used a second map room and set off at the same time but in a different direction around the fishing lakes to the east of the venue.  Level 3 followed soon after, but fortunately did not have to start with a 1:50,000 scale map unlike the Level 4s!  The two longer routes used a mixture of bridlepaths and roads to reach Epperstone where grid references were issued.  After completing this task it was Hoveringham to Gunthorpe, crossing under the road bridge back onto Severn Trent land. After a vet check onto bearings around the fishing lakes, meeting Ruth Saunby from Indiepics on the way who took some stunning photos.  Then the Level 3 and 4 riders joined the Level 2 route, which took riders almost entirely off-road to Stoke Bardolph village and back with some testing tickets on the way.  By late afternoon the sun had come out and riders and helpers made their way to Arkenfield Stables to walk the PTV course and then enjoy hand made pizzas cooked on site by The Peel Wood Fired Kitchen

Sunday morning started off cool but soon warmed up as the MA and PTV got underway thanks to a huge band of volunteer judges. Only a kilometre long, the course made clever use of the permanent features in the Arkenfield paddocks to provide a challenge at all Levels. The ridden ditch, zebra crossing and house jump made interesting entertainment for the spectators, who had a great view from the finish area complete with catering van from The Cottage Kitchen.  Ace scorer Ali Pollard number crunched super efficiently to get the scores displayed despite some reluctant new software. The blazing sun made for a memorable weekend, and there were lots of glowing faces at the prize giving.  Due to the generosity of Severn Trent Water the corralling fees are being donated to the TREC GB International Riders , raising over £500 for their trip to Spain for the 2016 World Championships.  Local rider Jenni French found both the venues and the POR routes and was given a well deserved vote of thanks before the rosettes were handed out.  Technical Delegate Sarah Thurnell enjoyed the event so much she might even run another one at a different venue next year!

Below are examples of all the master maps used, the ones in the map room were photocopied so were identical to each other.  Also information on the tickets and the additional tasks given to the Level 3 and 4 riders. The phase and overall scores for each class are available here too. All prizes were collected, if you left a SAE your individual score sheet and rosette will be posted out this week.  Otherwise these can be collected from Sarah’s horsebox at Keysoe TREC.

Bulcote 2016 Level 4 PTV scoresBulcote 2016 Level 4 POR scoresBulcote 2016 Level 4 overall scoresBulcote 2016 Level 4 MA scoresBulcote 2016 Level 3 PTV scoresBulcote 2016 Level 3 POR scoresBulcote 2016 Level 3 Pairs overall scoresBulcote 2016 Level 3 MA scoresBulcote 2016 Level 3 Individual overall scoresBulcote 2016 Level 2 PTV scoresBulcote 2016 Level 2 POR scoresBulcote 2016 Level 2 Pairs overall scoresBulcote 2016 Level 2 MA scoresBulcote 2016 Level 2 Individual overall scores



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