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Tick tock don’t miss out!
There are a number of WHTG events happening soon, please don’t miss your chance to be part of them. For more info please see the Events page.
We would welcome offers of help at any of these events – please do get in touch even if you only have a couple of hours to spare.
Sat 1st October – Intro to TREC Demo evening at Wellow Equestrian, Notts – tell your friends, ideal for newcomers
Sat 8th October – Judges Training Day – FREE to WHTG members – email
Sun 9th October – Arena TREC competition at Milton Equestrian Centre near Worksop – entries close on 2nd October
Sat 29th Oct – non-WHTG event – PTV Training at Aldham Mill Farm Livery near Barnsley – organised by West Riding EGB see
Sat 12th November – WHTG AGM and on foot POR training near Wakefield – more details to follow
Sat 19th November – Arena TREC competition at Aldham Mill Farm Livery near Barnsley
Sat 17th December – Arena TREC competition at Moorhouse near Doncaster
If you are renewing or joining TREC GB, as a Red or Blue member this month, please remember to nominate WHTG as your chosen TREC Club.  That way you will receive a £10 rebate on your WHTG club membership which will be due on 1 November.  Our fees are frozen again at £22 per person (so it will only cost you £12 for a whole year of WHTG membership!)  We really appreciate your continued support.
The TREC GB Rules Working Group are meeting again shortly to review the current rulebook and make any changes in time for the 2017 season.  If you would like them to look at or change a particular rule, please email your TREC GB regional reps Dave Rogerson and Sarah Thurnell urgently.
We hope to offer some POR training/practice online this winter – what sort of things would you most like help with? Also what practical training would you attend during the winter months – on foot, with a horse, both? Please email with your ideas.


cb2A bright day dawned on Sunday 11th September, as Cleveland Bay enthusiasts made their way to the Northern Racing College, near Doncaster. There were celebrations going on as part of Cleveland Bay awareness weekend, a world-wide weekend to celebrate and raise awareness of this wonderful, but no.1 critically endangered breed of horse.

Andy and Dave Chappell, Mick and I went along and set up an MA and some PTV obstacles on the lovely grassy area in the middle of the gallops, at the Northern Racing College. The weather couldn’t have been kinder and it was fantastic to see such majestic horses and their owners having fun. As well as the TREC taster, there was a parade to start things off, along with show-jumping and a chance to try out the gallops.

cb-1There was lots of interest in the TREC, so we’’re hoping to see some lovely Cleveland Bays turning up at some winter and summer events soon. I’m converted, so I hope they are too!

Competition report
bunsOn 25 September 10 horses and riders made their way to Wakefield for a mini competition to round off the outdoor season with a short MA, 12-obstacle PTV course and 4.5km route at 7kph with tickets to find worth 20 points each, and deductions for being too slow/fast.

The winners were Sarah Appleby & Jo Fisher, 2nd Kirsty Collinson (highest MA & PTV) & Charlotte Crowther, 3rd Isla & Lizzie Murdoch, 4th Carol Connelly & Shirley Leonard and 5th Richard & Debbie Milner. For a change from rosettes, Ruth baked some buns which went down a treat, along with polos for the horses!

Championships reports
The first ever Trec GB level 1 Champs took place at Lincomb Equestrian centre in Worcestershire at the end of August, and several WHTG members took part. Thanks to Rachel, Kirsty & Fiona for their reports and photos!

First a word from Rachel:
lizzie-l1-champsThe venue was superb with the choice of several nice looking x country courses to get hot headed ponies, who should know better, very excited.
A rainy start cleared to leave a muggy, humid day for some great riding round a challenging POR. The speeds were fast with constant map reading required to ensure an accurate course was kept. There were many tricky manned checkpoints which left large numbers of riders slightly confused and definitely on our toes. The aforementioned hot headed pony would have definitely preferred a good gallop on a simple section of POR first to help get both her and her riders head in gear so a simple mistake was made on first ticket. However, the route was very enjoyable through lovely countryside which would have never been on my list to visit prior to the competition. We felt we had done WHTG proud by coming a respectable 3rd following the first day’s adventures.
TREC GB hosted a great BBQ, much enjoyed by everyone and the inevitable analysis of the route rather like a post exam session, took place.
kirsty-champsThe following day dawned even hotter and the competition intensified as the day went on. Interestingly all pairs were split in times to avoid any separation issues and the PTV was held prior to the MA. The course made maximum use of the x country facilities and was great fun. Kirsty Collinson went first on her trusty steed Buzz, doing only his 2nd ever TREC, and scored an amazing 129 on the PTV and 30 on MA. My hot headed pony Lizzie seemed unusually calm at the start which unnerved me slightly but she went on to score a fairly respectable 98 on PTV, with me letting her down on unmounted bits. I can’t run with 15 screws in my ankle!  But the biggest accomplishment was actually scoring for canter in MA!!! We have long been noted as getting the fastest canters ever seen at TREC. She pulled it out of the bag when required and we scored …..1.  It’s a start, she’s only 20. We did actually score on the walk too.
With the final scores in we managed to achieve 4th place which we both felt very chuffed about and can’t wait till next years season for the fun to start again.


fionachampsreportAnd now a very thorough report from Fiona Newboult and Prince, who did the individual class, sit down with a cuppa and enjoy…

Driving down on Saturday afternoon through the rather impressive thunderstorm (so impressive the planned vetting was postponed to the following morning!) I wasn’t really sure what to expect having never qualified for anything before, ever. Part of the reason for this is that Prince spent quite a while being plagued with soundness issues due to his rather rubbish feet. It was eventually decided that the most appropriate thing would be barefoot rehabilitation started off by the
amazing Rockley Farm. Although it has definitely worked in that it has returned him to soundness it has not been a quick fix and as we also only recently got our own wheels this is the first year that we’ve been able to consistently get out and about competing (And in our one previous full TREC competition we had a partner who was a better map reader than me!) Promptly got drenched upon arrival constructing a coral for the pony, all the while cursing my decision not to book a stable. (he of course was nice a dry inside the lorry, not that he was happy about being shut in and of course he let the world know this!)

fionachampsreport2Luckily the weather did brighten up a bit for POR day and the rain was intermittent rather than torrential! We had quite a late setting off time so actually had time to have a leisurely breakfast and read a book for a bit in the morning before tack check time. Nearly had a disaster here when both my head torch and spare head torch turned out to have flat batteries (note to self: check equipment in between competitions!) but the little wind up one that lives in the lorry cab (as the internal light in there is broken!) came to the rescue!

Further evidence that we were not having one of our better days came in the map room where the twisty route was rather fiddly to draw and I needed extra time (never have been a fast copier!) Had a brief moment of actually knowing where we were going for once before reaching the XC fields and realising this would all be so much easier if the jumps appeared on the map. Prince chose this moment to be decidedly unhelpful by ignoring all requests (polite and otherwise) to stand still so I could try and work out where we were. Luckily we did eventually run into some other also lost people and their similarly annoyed horses (all of whom probably wished the humans would just make their minds up about where they were going!) along with the river to orientate ourselves and eventually the first checkpoint (only about 40 minutes late!) The rest of the POR went reasonably well (apart from a few hairy moments climbing up a rather steep and muddy bridlepath) until the bit between the final two checkpoints where I had a moment of madness and convinced myself we were going the wrong way when we weren’t and then refused to believe that a really obvious gap in the hedge and footpath were in the right place so rode past, realised that it MUST have been right as there was nowhere else we could go and basically wasted about another half an hour! All this mucking about racked us rather a lot of penalty points fiona-corralup and sat us nicely in last place! (Although I think that we deserved some bonus points for totally failing to notice the pigs the other side of the hedge until I heard them oinking after we’d passed them, especially given that my pony is terrified to death of other farmyard animals such as cows!)

POR day was followed by a lovely BBQ in actual nice, warm sunshine after the rain finally gave up and went home. (Catering was fab all weekend actually, really nice that there was food available all weekend as I don’t have any facilities in my lorry).

fiona-minion-champsThe PTV course was set around one of the beautifully well maintained XC fields and made use of a few of the existing obstacles. Overall things went ok apart from pony being unimpressed by the path crossing, loss of balance / break to trot and general destruction in the bending, not standing still after the remount and a bit of an argument about who was in charge of speed control on the bank (Prince won that one!). He also didn’t fancy standing still on top of the mound (brilliant obstacle idea by the way!) for the immobility as all the grass had been eaten by then! We did however manage to redeem ourselves with the “minion” jump, went straight through the water, did a good reinback and did the shamrock in canter for the first time ever!

The MA had been inventively laid out so that it went through the middle of two “scary” jumps and was very long! This actually worked to our advantage as meant the pony couldn’t really spook at either one and gave me time to push him on through the timing gates and hold him back In between. Managed full marks for canter and a walk score in the double figures which is as good as it gets with him. Due to a few people not having the best of second days we managed to claw our way into 2nd place. We also came 1st in the team competition with the “far and wide” team of total strangers from erm far and wide! Not bad for a pony who I couldn’t hack alone without temper tantrums and napping at every opportunity when I first got him, who spooks at every rustle in everyday life and a human who still fails at map reading!

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