Ingleby times & competitor info

Hello lovely competitors! Thank you for entering this competition. If you are no longer able to attend please contact so that we aren’t waiting for you on the day. If you have any queries please ring Evie 07939 471564.

The postcode is LN1 2PQ and if you follow this link it will give directions right to the yard. **Some routes may use the A57 Dunham toll bridge which is cash only (60p trailers/3.5t vans, £1 larger boxes)**
On arrival at the yard, please shut the gate behind you on the way in and out, and drive slowly as you may encounter both competitors’ and liveries’ horses being ridden or led along/across the lane to the yard.

Parking is in the field on the left just before the yard buildings, we must leave the field as we found it so please bring a shovel & skip to take hay and droppings to the yard muckheap or home with you.

For biosecurity reasons, do not allow your horse to drink from the field trough as this field is used for grazing. Hosepipes are available on the yard for you to fill your own buckets. TREC competitors, judges and spectators are not permitted in the stable areas.

Venue map – please familiarise yourself with this, especially the route for horses

On arrival
Please collect your competitor bib and horse/rider ID tags from the kitchen, and add your mobile number to the horse tag in case you get separated. Put the rider tag around your wrist on the outside of your clothing, and the horse tag clearly visible on breastplate, bridle or front of saddle. Please ensure you also save Evie’s number 07939 471564 in your phone. The toilet is just off the kitchen area.

The PTV course will be available for newcomers to walk from 9.15am to 9.55am, a map of the course with a list of obstacles and a ‘talk round’ will be displayed on the wall in the kitchen – feel free to take a photo on your smartphone to read while you walk the course.

Please be ready in good time for both your PTV and your tack check. The start of the PTV is in the small paddock next to the arena and the first obstacles will be led, the start of the POR is to the side of the barns – see map above.

WHTG stewards can be identified by orange waistcoats – if you are unsure of anything please just ask! We want everyone to have a lovely day, whether it’s your first competition or your tenth.

Equipment *IMPORTANT*
At the tack check your hat will be checked as it must be up to the current BRC standards, see page two of 2016 BRC Hat Tagging – we are an affiliated British Riding Club, this is a competition and therefore you will NOT be allowed to compete if your hat does not meet one of the standards in the hat tagging document. These standards have been in place for 18 months now so please replace your hat with one that meets them if necessary.
You will also not be allowed to start without the following:
medical armband easily accessible with your personal info, next of kin, medical  conditions and medication, (if you are struggling to get one then you can use some of the spare ID tags in the kitchen to make one)
horse & rider ID tags containing emergency numbers (from kitchen)
first aid kit for horse and rider (minimum of a bandage/vetwrap, wound wash & sterile dressing pads)
headcollar & leadrope, or combination bridle
hi-viz clothing, minimum of fluorescent strips on the rider’s torso
Each person should also carry the following (2 point penalty if not carried):
Compass, hoof pick, waterproofs, whistle (for use in emergencies) to be carried on the rider, and mobile phone, this should be turned on but not used for any sort of GPS or to communicate with anyone other than the emergency services or organiser.

Food/drink – there is no caterer so please bring a packed lunch. Tea, coffee, squash and cake will be available in the kitchen.

PTV – the course will start with in-hand obstacles. When the rider before you has ridden out of the small paddock please make your way past the obstacles to the start line. After PTV you will complete the MA section round the edge of the arena. If you are doing PTV first then please collect your record card from the judge before leaving the arena, and take it with you to the start of the POR.

POR – please make your way round to the barns for POR start, after your tack and equipment has been checked, you will be given your map, your start time will be recorded on your card and you will leave. Please follow the route drawn as closely as possible, stay away from the edge of drainage ditches and avoid riding on crops. When you reach checkpoints please give your record card to the judge, who will write down your arrival time and leaving time then hand it back.  

When you finish
After your finish your last phase, the judge will keep your score card and this will go to the scorer, then they will all be presented at the prize giving.

Please return your competitor bib to the correct pile 1-10/11-20/21-30 in the kitchen to make putting them back in the box easier! There will be tea, coffee, squash and cake available in the kitchen all day so feel free to stay and watch the PTV.

If you cannot stay for prizegiving (around 3pm) then please leave £1 or a large stamped SAE. Prizes will not be posted. Any help you can offer in clearing away the PTV course after the last rider at 2.15pm will be very much appreciated!

Now you’ve read all the above, here are the times! See you on Sunday, I’m looking forward to a brilliant day.

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