Ingleby report and results

Wow, how lucky were we with the weather and ground conditions? A fantastic relaxed and supportive day out was had by all, with everyone taking away some positives and learning points. Thank you to our amazing team of stewards who gave up their day to make the event happen – Jane, Ina, John, Ruth, Fiona, Joy, Hazel, Sue, Dawn and Sarah!

Thanks to everyone who bought Ruth’s homemade cake and biscuits – donations for The Wonkey Donkey Visitor Centre totalled £43.04 – if you would like to support them further please see their gofundme page:

The PTV course began just outside the arena, with led ditch, led corridor and led step up before mounting from a tyre and walking over a footbridge. Riders then made their way into the arena to tackle an s-bend, neck reining, rein back and bending before a small jump. This phase was followed by the control of paces around the edge of the arena past two scary corners full of jumps which proved challenging for some!


The orienteering route was all off-road, making good use of the set-aside around the edge of crops to test the riders’ navigational skills and timekeeping. Riders had to write down a number of letters from posters around the route to prove that they had travelled along the right tracks, and visited 2 intermediate checkpoints along the way. The riders in the open class also had the added challenge of navigating with the use of grid references and bearings to increase the difficulty! The going was wonderful under foot, and the steward at the finish reported lots of smiles which is always great for an organiser to hear.

Our winners were:rosettes1
Newcomer pairs – Anne Pashby on Teddy & Georgina Bates on Belle
Intermediate individual – Karen Barker on Rio
Intermediate pairs – Amy Cooke on Lucky Charm & Nonie Bird on Redwood Crackerjack
Open individual – Sasha Warrener on Sinbad
Open pairs – Vicky Rothwell on The Sky is Blue & Molly Rothwell on WaunEbbw Rosina

Well done all!

The next WHTG competition is on 22-23 July in East Yorkshire with a beautiful POR in the Yorkshire Wolds and PTV around the remains of a landscaped Tudor garden – enter at level 1, 2 or 3 here. Level one is suitable for TREC novices, give it a go!

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