Times & info for 17 Sept Versatile TREC

Competitor Information for Thornton House, (Allerthorpe Woods) Barmby Moor YO42 4DD Versatile TREC on 17 September 2017

The Dexter Family are a great support to TREC and we thank them for allowing us to use the facilities.

Thank you all for entering and trying out this different type of TREC.  Also thank you for supporting us.  We hope you all have a good time – relax and do your best.

Directions:  You approach Thornton House Equestrian from the A1079 in either direction.  Follow the signs once you turn off  A1079 & NOT  your Sat Nav (this will take you to the front of the owners property and there is no access). You can ride out in the local wood behind the Livery Yard but remember it is very wet at the present time.

The day is going to be very different from previous competitions due to the introduction of the Obedience Test.  Please ensure you are ready by the time shown.

The Obedience Test will take place in the indoor arena  and the MA (control of paces) and PTV (obstacles) outside around the grounds.

The PTV can be walked at any time but please respect riders on course stand still and get out of their way.

In hand class PTV will have 10 obstacles, novice and open more. A list of obstacles will be displayed on the day.

The MA will be: 25m for in hand (slow trot), 50m novice  – walk & canter, 75m open – walk & canter.

No walking on grass verges – no walking of horses on grass verges at all. 

Parking – please park according to the venue signs, and leave the hard standing as you find it i.e. clear up after your horse.  It is weather dependent.

Helpers . If you have some time spare between classes, please offer to help. We have some experienced judges to help us but require more please – if you are able to volunteer or bring a helper please email paula@white-horse-trec.co.uk with details.

Café/Hot Food – the owners have kindly agreed to open the food area for this event so please bring some cash with you to support it, it is in the building on the left as you walk up the stairs to the viewing area.

Queries – please direct all queries to Kathryn, not to our judges.  If you have to withdraw please phone Paula on 07951019965.

Important notes

  • We are using number bibs so please ensure you DON’T go home with them. Remember to pick them up on a table provided upstairs in viewing gallery.
  • Competitors & spectators are not permitted in the livery stable areas. Steps to the viewing gallery are marked.
  • When walking/riding between car park and arena please be aware of moving vehicles, both horseboxes arriving/leaving and liveries in their cars may cross your path.
  • Please use green (novice/young) or red (kicker) tail ribbons as appropriate for your horse, and please give plenty of space to any horse wearing a ribbon.
  • Start times, course maps and obstacle lists will be displayed on the outer doors.

Things to bear in mind for the classes:

  • The TREC GB rulebook version 2 is available to download for free here. Versatile TREC is explained in it. Version 3 is only available to TREC GB members, you can join for free as a supporter member to get access.
  • If you want to miss an obstacle out you must ride up to it, halt and tell the judge that you won’t be attempting it.
  • Circling at any point before an obstacle counts as an effectiveness fault.
  • Red flags on your right & white flags on your left.
  • If you are struggling to complete an obstacle, move on to the next otherwise you risk running out of time.
  • If you run out of time before completing all the obstacles, the judges will shout ‘time’ and you should then leave the arena.


Start Times


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