Times & Info for Askham Bryan

Premier Garage Services and TREC GB Winter Arena TREC Series 2017/18
Askham Bryan Equine College, York, YO23 3FR on 11th March 2018
Extra sponsorship has been gratefully received for this event from The Blue Barn, Otley.

Directions – Google maps will generate directions for you. There is easy access off the A64 from both directions. Take Askham Fields lane off the first roundabout, and the entrance to the car park is on the left in approximately 250m. There is ample parking, please park sensibly to allow other space. You must remove all hay and droppings from the carpark, please do not leave this to the organisers at the end of the day!

On arrival please go to the arena and collect your number bib.
Please ensure all your information is correct on the sign in sheet before you sign, add in your TREC GB membership number and check for any alterations to your times (amended 8:20pm on 10/3). NB for competitors under 16 a parent/guardian must sign the sheet, and a parental consent form must be filled in if not already done.

The course map, obstacle lists and times will be displayed near the sign in sheet. Top tip – take a photo of the ones for your classes on your phone so you can keep having a look!
The course maps/obstacle lists, rules for take your own line and talk round for the starter class are here

Course walking – the course will be available to walk from 9am and in the breaks between the classes. Please do not try to walk the course during the competition.

Warm up – The warm up area will be indoors adjacent to the competition. Please make sure you are in the warm up area at least 5 minutes before your class. No more than 4 horses in the warm up area at once.

Helpers – we have got some wonderful judges staying all day in the cold to help, please smile and say thanks!

Dogs must be kept on leads and handled by adults at all times.
Competitors and spectators under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Food – there is a café on site for refreshments, they are opening specially for us so please do bring cash to support them.

Results – will be out as soon as possible after every class, please allow at least 20 minutes for the scorer to do their thing without interruptions. If you are unable to stay, please make arrangements for someone else to collect your scoresheet, rosette and any prizes, or leave a large SAE (with a large letter stamp!). Prizes will not be posted.

After your last class please remember to return your number bib! 

For emergencies or withdrawals on the day please call Dawn 07814 208964 or Rachel 07841 635357

Things to bear in mind for the classes:

  • The TREC GB rulebook is available here and any ‘invented’ obstacles will have rules clearly displayed on the day.
  • Golden rules for the obstacles are: keep red flag on your right and white on your left, try to avoid refusals, don’t change pace, don’t stop in the middle, don’t touch any part of the obstacle. If it’s a compulsory walk obstacle then make sure you correct any jogging. Choose your pace before the flags and stick to it.
  • Competitors in the unaffiliated classes starter, in hand and take your own line may ask for assistance from the judges if required.
  • The only assistance allowed in affiliated classes is help getting back on your horse  (a mounting block will be provided).
  • Everything is optional but if you want to miss an obstacle out you must ride up to it, halt and tell the judge that you won’t be attempting it.
  • Circling or crossing your tracks at any point on the course counts as an effectiveness fault at the next obstacle.
  • For all classes, the start of the timed PTV (obstacles) section is the end of the paces corridor, and you will have five minutes.
  • If you are struggling to complete an obstacle, move on to the next otherwise you risk running out of time.
  • If you run out of time before completing all the obstacles, the judges will shout ‘time’ and you should then leave the arena. If you have started an obstacle when the time is up you will be allowed to finish it.

Placings will be decided with the rider gaining the highest combined score from the PTV and Control of Paces phases taking the first prize.
In the event of equality the highest score from PTV will take precedence.
Obstacle rules as per the TREC GB rulebook which is available for free here.
1. Competitions are open to all horses and ponies providing that they are a minimum of 4yrs of age in 2018.
2. Riders any age, juniors may ride horses and seniors may ride ponies.
3. No rider will be permitted to start any phase of the event unless wearing a hard hat, which meets current standard recommended by the BHS e.g. PAS 015,or ASTMF 1163 and bearing kite mark or SEI that is properly fitted and fastened with a chinstrap. See below***
4. Riders may choose to wear a body protector during any phase of the competition. If worn, Beta 3 standard is strongly recommended.
5. Tack & dress informal but safe. Riders must wear suitable riding footwear.
6. Standing Martingales and other fixed reins are forbidden. If a running martingale is used, horse must be led from head collar and lead rope for led PTV obstacles.
7. Whips must not exceed 75cms. Spurs, if worn, must be rounded, not exceeding 3.5cms in length and pointed downwards.
8. The judges and official’s decision is final and must be complied with at all times. Uncorrected error on PTV course will result in a ZERO score for the PTV. Elimination may result for any of the following reasons: Excessive use of whip, Abusive language, Dangerous riding,
9. No horse or pony may compete more than once in any affiliated class.
***PLEASE NOTE THAT HATS THAT ARE STANDARD EN 1384 ONLY CAN NO LONGER BE USED IN A TREC COMPETITION. Hats as stated above are acceptable. Check the rulebook for full list.


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