Ingleby results

It takes a lot of work to put on a competition, even a one-day level one, and I could not have done it without my wonderful band of merry women and men.

Thank you to -deepbreath- Leo, Becky, Ruth, Sarah, Caroline, Charlotte, Cheryl, Aisha, Liane, Fran, Fiona N, Heather, Simon, Alex, Joy, Fiona T, Paula, Danielle, Lisa, and Ina. A fantastic team of judges and stewards who coped admirably with the heat without complaint.

Leverton Farms Ltd kindly allowed use of the farm tracks, and delayed the arrival of their pheasants especially to allow greater access which I hope you will agree gave you a lovely route to follow.  Ingleby Hall Livery have done a great job with the mini PTV course, and are opening it through the summer for TREC schooling days (pre bookings only) £12pp – Fri 13/7, Sat 28/7, Thu 2/8, Sun 12/8, with hacking also available around some of the route for an additional fee. Please contact to book.

The MA was in the outdoor arena, with spooky wings in corners causing some spooky moments! PTV was compact, starting in the arena before moving on to the field edge. It rode well, and included some control and accuracy tests such as a corridor on an angle 10m from the step up, and jump to neck rein & footbridge then bending.
The ‘trough’ out on the POR course was well used, with only about 1/4 of the water remaining by the end.

Even with slow speeds of 6.5, 7 and 6kph the horses clearly appreciated a good drink. I managed to snap our pairs winners taking advantage of it!

IMG_5008.jpgHere’s a master map with checkpoints and tickets marked on. Each of the tests helped to split the competitors: turn left through the hedge to find ticket G, turn through the correct gap on Codder Lane Belt into CP2, go almost to the road before turning – ticket R, and use the tyre tracks through the field not the lane at the edge – CP4.

Results were out within half an hour of the last riders finishing, thank you to all who stayed for the presentation. Well done to our winners Kirsty Collinson (individual) and Kate Haydock & Angela Wright (pairs).

Photos were taken by Hollie (PTV) and her dad Chris (POR) – watch this space for a link to the albums and details for purchasing photos.

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