Middleton course plan & talk round

Middleton course plans for all classes – please print/screenshot them so you can refer back to them tomorrow. Please note the tweak to my usual TYOL rules – it’s now maximum of twice ridden for all and twice in hand for those which are led in the rulebook, and you can only do them in the flagged direction.

Middleton talk round for novice TRECies

Time limit for all standard classes is 5 minutes.

Key points to remember – red flag on the right, white on the left, and all obstacles will be numbered with cones so look for them if you get lost. You may go into the paces corridor/across the bending if you need to as part of your course, but any circles/crossing of tracks will be judged as a refusal at the next obstacle.

If you want to miss an obstacle out you must cease forward motion so STOP when you get to that one and tell the judges you won’t be attempting it.

In hand & starter class only may ask the judges where the next obstacle is.

Rulebook: https://www.trecgb.com/documents/4theditionRulebook1Feb2018-1614.pdf

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