Bulcote results & report

Results are now available here

To all our fabulous competitors and amazing judges – thank you for all your help to make Bulcote 2019 such a success. You faced a POR of trials and tribulations including a fun fair, a lock with real boats, cows, lots and lots and lots of gates, a river, fords, pelotons and people and you did it all with smiles on your faces.

Thanks to the intrepid for braving rain, hail, sun and wind, there are some fantastic photographs – please check out the page and support Ruth by buying your favourite images – they are available now here 

Sandra from Equidgel gave an informative talk on Saturday night on horse hydration and the benefits of fluid, and Jim from theroamingbistro.co.uk fed everyone.

The PTV had its own challenges with riders creating mayhem with certain obstacles but luckily we managed to rebuild in situ allowing all to enjoy.

We had worthy winners in all levels, lots of newcomers who had braved it to go up a level and a special pony prize courtesy of Barney, pictured here at the end of level 2 POR a month before his 25th birthday!

Without the help from all behind the scenes helpers we wouldn’t have been able to have had the fun that we did. Thanks must also go to our lovely hosts John & Katie Jackson for allowing us to use the fabulous venue.

Thank you all for coming and we hope to see you again soon – Jenni, Caroline and Jackie.

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