Stapleton Times & Info

Please find below the paperwork relating to Sunday. This information has also been emailed to all riders.  If you are bringing anyone with you we MUST have this form filled out & returned with their contact details before Saturday evening.  COVID-19 contact info

Please read the rider information carefully as obviously this event is being run slightly differently to normal & with extra precautions in place including a one-way system. (outlined in image below)  Please respect & adhere to them.





Stapleton Sept 20 rider information

WHTG 270920 StapletonWS RA Final


Stapleton Site Plan

We are still short of helpers for gate opening / car parking  & would appreciate more volunteers (Even some extra people helping for a few hours would be helpful) 

Address for the venue is STAPLETON PARK ESTATE, DARRINGTON, PONTEFRACT WEST YORKS, WF8 3DD.  Please follow the route indicated on the map after coming off the A1 at Darrington (Valley Rd/ Bank Wood Rd) which may differ from your Sat Nav. 

Stapleton Route to Venue Map

Times are below.  Obstacle lists to follow & course plans will be sent out on Saturday.  Keep your fingers crossed for similar weather to last weekend rather than the current dismal offerings! 

Stapleton times


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