Stapleton Results


By kind permission of Katie Carr, saw us hold an arena event in 2 fields near Darrington for the first time at Stapleton Park Livery. An easy venue to access as close to the A1 with good parking spaces. Many thanks go to the helpers and supporters who enabled the club to put this on. Saturday afternoon saw 6 of us setting out the course and agreeing where to place the flags. It really did help and we were done in just over the hour. Evie, Sarah, Shirley and Vicki had to keep their distance and keep using the sanitizer but we kept warm walking up and down.

Sunday morning had Dave and Sheila up bright and early to finish the signs and getting the cones out for parking. When some cars started flying past the end, near the parking around 8.30 we wondered what was happening but fortunately they were treasure hunters off to use their metal detectors in the woods and fields well away from us. We did have plenty stop for directions because of the yellow coat Sheila was wearing.

Judith arrived and was able to give a course walk, for the in-hand class as it was something new for the competitor, before taking up carparking duties. Ruth, Fran and Ann went on the MA whilst ADRC members Kathryn, Linda and Sharon helped steward, time keep, judge and score with Dave. 

The morning was very relaxed as unfortunately we had some withdrawals and there was plenty of time between each rider. Lunch was early and although Jude and Linda had to go, we had Anne join us and with the later classes not having so many entries we were able to be ahead of time. 

Some of the new local obstacles were used eg park your horse and turnabout box and they seemed to work well and other obstacles made use of the natural terrain which you could meet out hacking. A dry but cool day with many successes and a few disappointments. Thank you to those who helped pack away so efficiently. We hope we shall be back, if allowed, in the spring.


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