Harwood Dale Results & Thankyous

Harwood_Dale_2021 Results

Thank you to all our competitors, volunteer  judges, Dave Rogerson  TD, Katie Morgan  Traceur, Peter Bean PTV and Joy Bradley  Scorer for helping to make this competition such a success.

When we first approached the landowners almost two years ago, The Cook Family, at Burgate Farm in Harwood Dale were always positive about us using their land and area for this competition.

I think one memory many of us will carry is turning up on Friday morning to put tents up etc to find that the previous  night 350 dairy cows had been in the field – yes cows had performed as they do and muck was scattered around most areas!! But onwards we went and most riders will have taken some of this memory home!!

Katie had done an amazing job to find so many different routes around the area for all the levels, travelling over 1,000 miles to do so – 12 visits to the areas in the two years of first attempting to do this competition.  We couldn’t have done it without her amazing skills and patience.

Peter looked at the PTV Area and started to design a good, natural, challenging PTV. It gave riders a challenge and it’s always pleasing to see them ‘having ago’ and having a lot of fun.

Dave was on hand to come over to check routes on the trusty Rusty, perhaps three times made arrangement and three time Covid emerged – but a few weeks ago he came, camped in Andy’s field and checked what Katie had set out.

Joy was such a help with taking the entries and scoring on a program that takes a bit of understanding –one that we weren’t prepared to undertake with bringing it all together

So a team was formed.

The landowners were quite wary about having ‘campers’ on their land and wrote to say ask me ‘what happens with human rubbish’ – well what a compliment we received yesterday when visiting the site after the event – “Well we were expecting rubbish in the field but not one item was found – absolutely amazing” so for me, as Chair, thank you all for doing what Treccies do so well.

As so many of you know, a full level competition take so much organizing and with Covid still around we asked everyone to be aware of everything that we have learnt over the last 18 months. 

Enjoy the summer events everyone and good luck to you all at the various Championships.

Paula Bean

Organiser & Chair of WHTG.



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