Hazlehead course plans

    Starter class: as you’re new to this I’ve done a talk round for you!

    – please save a screenshot of the course plan for your courses to your phone so you can learn it and check before you go in, we will not be having a noticeboard.
  • Obstacle judging
    Rulebook pages for bending, corridor, jump, s bend, footbridge, water, mount from block, neck rein, rein back, ridden immobility
    Rulebook pages for bramble tangle, led rein back, weave, L rein back around a corner, ridden L corridor, park your horse
    Rulebook pages for led stepping stones and infinity loop (starter and in hand classes only)


  • Look for the numbers on the flags to do them in the right order – if you lose track just come back to walk or stop for a few seconds to get your bearings.
  • Keep red flag on your right and white on your left.
  • Try to avoid refusals. Stopping to let your horse look isn’t a refusal unless they step back.
  • Don’t change pace or stop in the middle.
  • Don’t knock any part of the obstacle. 
  • If it’s a compulsory walk obstacle then make sure you correct any jogging. 
  • Choose your pace before the start flags and stick to it until your horse’s back feet are out of the finish flags.
  • Competitors in the unaffiliated classes in hand & starter may ask for assistance from the judges if required eg which obstacle is next. The only assistance allowed in affiliated classes is help getting back on your horse (a mounting block will be provided).
  • If your horse wears a martingale you must lead using headcollar & rope, not the reins.
  • Everything is optional but if you want to miss an obstacle out you must go up to it in the course order, halt and tell the judge that you won’t be attempting it.
  • Circling at any point on the course counts as an effectiveness fault at the next obstacle, but you can cross your tracks and ride through the path of other obstacles on your way round as long as you don’t go through the start flags for another obstacle.
  • Doing an obstacle from the wrong direction or in the wrong order will be an error of course so elimination (though we will let you finish your round) – look for the flags and numbers & if you get lost in an affiliated class where the judge can’t help you just come back to walk/halt and look around for the next number.
  • The start of the timed PTV (obstacles) section is the end of the paces corridor so you need to go straight to obstacle 1, and classes 1/2 will have 5 minutes. Affiliated classes have 4.5 minutes. Take your own line novice is 4 mins, TYOL open is 3 mins.
  • If you are struggling to complete an obstacle, move on to the next otherwise you risk running out of time.
  • If you run out of time before completing all the obstacles, the judge will shout ‘time’ and you should then leave the arena. If you have started an obstacle when the time is up you will be allowed to finish it.

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