Wykeham awards, provisional results, photographer

Well done team – I had an absolutely brilliant weekend running this competition.

Thank you especially to Carolyn our host at Carr Farm Equestrian for allowing us to hire the beautifully maintained facilities, test riding the course on Cecil and helping massively with the route. The course is open for hire – just drop Carolyn a message in advance to ensure there’s no rallies going on and you can school round the course, there’s forms and an honesty box at the gate for payment.

A huge thanks must go to TD extraordinaire Peter, to Paula and Joan for helping build the course on Friday, to Sheila and Claire for making super sarnies and keeping the judges well refreshed, and to my many, many helpers & judges throughout the day – MA Sheila, Sandra, Gina, PTV Pam, Ruth, Rebekah, Andy, David, Kirsty, Rachel, Hazell, Michael, Carolyn, Denise, Abigail, Izzy, Tracy then on POR there was Fiona, Joy, Paula, Joan, Fran, Toni, Sarah and Jane – not to mention the army who came out to pack away the course! I really enjoyed having a bit of time to chat & catch up with a lot of you in the sunshine.

I loved seeing lots of happy riders and horses taking on the course, the orienteering proved quite testing so I will do a video debrief of the master map when I get chance – I had hoped to get it done this evening but have only just finished the scoring!

My last minute idea to put little memory forms in along with the carrot & sweets for you to collect has proven popular, and reading all your comments has rounded off my weekend to perfection – I hope you enjoy reading them too – here you go!

I hope reading through the above has made you smile as much as it did me, here are the special award winners who each get a voucher for £5 to spend with our wonderful photographer Victoria Adams who was running around in the PTV field all day! Photos are available here , with digital images available starting from £3.50 and some very good value print packages there’s something for everyone – do not screenshot them until you’ve bought them. I’ll email everyone with their prize voucher details once final results are done, as winners will also receive photo vouchers.

Judges’ awards – some of our judges were asked to quietly keep an eye out for extra criteria, and these are the winners:
Best condition – Pip ridden by Isla – fit & raring to go with a gleaming coat.
Best moment on the PTV – Ruth’s new steed Douglas loving PTV so much that he had his first ever canter under saddle!
Calmest horse & rider – Erica ridden by Caroline, both calm and happy throughout.
Happy partnership – Elfine & Sophie – both were constantly smiling and I loved the way Sophie helped Elfine out with the water – first letting her have a good look and then showing her it’s safe by getting off for a paddle before hopping back on.
Perseverance award – to Julie on Mr T – he found the flags and obstacles overwhelming, but Julie still worked her way round the course and finished, managing to get him through the water on the way so still finding a win. She’s taken some flags home to work with his confidence going through them!

Spirit of TREC awards (rider)
I’m not choosing between you, the fact that there are so many names here, some total newcomers and some regulars makes me really proud of the TREC community – it truly is the friendliest equestrian sport!
Sam Askew, Sally Hall, Jacob Simpson, Sam Townend, Emma Wood, Lucie Callister, Juliet Caunt, Amanda Mellor, Isla Murdoch, Lucy Wild, Caroline Gudgeon

Spirit of TREC awards (non rider) who will receive a little something in the post!
Lizzie Murdoch, for being all round TREC super-mum – whether you need a supportive ear, a nudge in the right direction, a future pairs partner to build confidence or a spare bit of kit, Lizzie is your woman.
Toni Aldred, who walked back from her checkpoint to the yard to get a couple of bottles of fly spray for competitors struggling with horse flies in the heat – a gesture that was really appreciated by horses and humans alike and totally went above and beyond!

Oh yes, PROVISIONAL results – here you go – any queries to be received by 11pm Monday 11th July please, finals will be published asap after that – please ignore the rider numbers, scoring quirk:

Preliminary overall results are for guidance only & may change significantly if queries are received & upheld.

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