Map Club

Would you like to improve your map reading skills this winter?  Would you like to support our Young Riders on the GB squad aiming for selection for the 2018 World TREC Championships in Italy?  Join our Map Club and you can do both!

From November to March we will open a monthly Map Room, where you can access map puzzles, training exercises and practice copying routes to improve your skills ready for the 2018 season.  We will aim to provide something to interest all levels, so whether you are a newcomer just starting out at Level 1 or already confident at Level 3 or 4 there should be something for everyone. Members will be contacted via monthly email and you can enter the Map Room whenever you choose. Participants will also be entered in a monthly draw to win a prize! Map Club Registration is free of charge, we would like all participants to make a donation please to help support the fundraising for our Young Riders.  You will need to source a specific map to complete some of the exercises, full details of this and how to donate will be sent to you once your application has been received.

Click HERE for WHTG Map Club application form


This example of a route around some woodland shows where an organiser might put tickets, although they won’t be marked on your map! The manned ticket would note down which track you took. Noting your record card with the G (good) or B (bad) ticket further north would prove to the organiser whether you took the correct track!