Woodhouse TREC Results

Well done to everyone who came ‘up North’ to enjoy yet another spectacular competition in the shadow of Roseberry Topping to end the 2015 Summer TREC season.

Huge thank you to tracer Paula Kay, TD Peter Bean and organiser Paula Bean for putting on another successful event for 60 horses and riders to enjoy – even ordering perfect weather, all riders stayed dry and had sunshine to bask in while waiting for the results.

Thanks also to our many volunteer judges who gave up their time, energy and muscles, without whom the event could not have run.

The delicious home-baked goodies from Meg Crossley raised around £400 for the Young Riders Fund, and were appreciated by judges and riders alike! We hope that this culinary fund raiser will be repeated in the future.

Photographs will be available from Steve Wall by Wednesday 30 September, if you have any of your own that you would like to share then please put them up on the club’s facebook page.

Woodhouse 2015 L1 Overall
Woodhouse 2015 L2 Overall
Woodhouse 2015 L3&4 Overall

Woodhouse 2015 L1 MA
Woodhouse 2015 L1 POR
Woodhouse 2015 L1 PTV

Woodhouse 2015 L2 MA
Woodhouse 2015 L2 POR
Woodhouse 2015 L2 PTV

Woodhouse 2015 L3 MA
Woodhouse 2015 L3 POR
Woodhouse 2015 L3 PTV

Woodhouse 2015 L4 MA
Woodhouse 2015 L4 POR
Woodhouse 2015 L4 PTV

Report from Paula Kay – (Traceur)

Well for this TREC I marked myself 9/10. The one point coming off for a fast time over warren moor! Sorry for this one folks and l have taken it on board for next time!
But the weather was great. Views were spectacular and a Saturday evening gathering round an outdoor fire pit was magical.
And a big thanks to Peter and Paula Bean who helped me out, double checking and making sure everything was in place for a smooth event.
The food was good and the catering by Meg Crossley just enhanced the occasion, as well as raising lots of funds for the young riders.
Steve Wall put him self out by walking a good part of the route. This meant that Saturday’s POR photos just had the best backdrop ever, looking back into Baysdale in the North York Moors.
Thank you all for the lovely comments and thanks. It is very much appreciated and makes it all worth while.
And for me, it was great to see you, my old trecie friends again. Hope it’s not too long before I see you all again.
Paula Kay

From:  Peter (TD) & Paula (Organiser)

From our point of view a big thank you to Paula. Her attention to detail makes the checking job so much easier.

As has been said, the weather plays a big part in an event like this and l can confirm this when checking the bearings in the heavy rain & mist – absolutely wet through – l was so aware that the weather could quite easily have cancelled our plans at the last minute.

A huge thank you to our helpers and to you the competitors for your comments, letters and kind words – let’s hope the last competition of the season sets a bench mark for Spring 2016.

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WHTG Events Update

The Summer season is drawing to a close, but we still have plenty going on!

Competition dates

We have one final full competition at Woodhouse Farm on 26/27 September, a level 2, 3 and 4 qualifier for 2016 with a level 1 competition alongside to attract some newcomers. The journey is a long one for many of our members, but it is an easy venue to navigate to on good roads, and the riding is spectacular. We will be accepting entries until 20 September for this event – don’t miss out! We have received a request for a level two pair for someone, so if you are putting off entering because you want a pair then now is your chance – please contact paula@white-horse-trec.co.uk to pair up. Schedule

The first WHTG Arena TREC competition date for 2015 has been set for Saturday 28 November at Milton EC near Worksop – schedule will be out in due course, as will more dates as they are finalised. Do you have a suitable venue nearby? Please suggest it to a committee member, or use the contact form.

WHTG Training dates

Arena XC 20 September (Leics) – cross country jumps on a surface, but working on straightness, forwardness and obedience at all levels of experience and ability. Previous attendees have really benefited from this tuition. Booking form

Intro to TREC 11 October (Wakefield) – PTV & paces tuition in an outdoor arena, with an optional 5km or 10km practice POR to be done in pairs. Booking form will be available very soon, email evie@white-horse-trec.co.uk if you want to be sent a copy once it is finalised.

Judge training 14 November – venue tbc
This training course is the first step to enable volunteers to gain accredited TREC GB judge status, but it is also very informative and useful for riders to attend – both to improve their own scores by becoming more aware of what judges are looking for, and so that they feel more confident to judge other levels on MA or the PTV course, for example.

The morning session will cover POR checkpoints, ticket points and map room stewarding with small group exercises. The afternoon will cover control of paces, and the rules of a variety of obstacles will be discussed in detail before we all have a short demonstration of obstacles outside, and chance to practice and discuss the scoring.

Following this course, those who wish to become fully accredited TREC GB judges will need to judge at three separate competitions (judging each phase at least once), have their judging record card signed by the organiser/TD and submit the completed card to TREC GB. All judges will then be required to attend refresher training every three years to ensure that knowledge is kept up to date.

Those who were qualified BHS judges before the sport moved to TREC GB will need to complete this training by 1 October 2017 in order to bypass the requirement to judge at three competitions following the training.

To register your interest in this judge training day, please email evie@white-horse-trec.co.uk


On 28 June the first WHTG TREC GB judge training was held with Andy, David, Liz, Amanda, Ina, Ruth, Fiona and Fran – four of whom were new judges with the other four converting their BHS qualifications to TREC GB. The morning was spent discussing POR & paces duties with practical exercises, then the afternoon covered the PTV scoring theory before a trip to watch a guinea pig horse and rider around some obstacles to discuss the scores in practice. The updated format of training was well received.

18 July saw Fiona, Amber, Dawn, Tracy, Amanda and Norma doing a full day of training with their horses. The day started with 90 minutes of PTV instruction followed by chance to put it all in to practice with a scored course and control of paces.

18 july fiona norma 18 july tracy amanda 18 july dawn 18 july amber
After lunch the riders went out on a 5km practice POR in pairs, with tickets and checkpoints along the way. Fiona and Amber subsequently paired up to enter their first level two competition at Derbyshire Dales, coming fifth. You can read Fiona’s report below.

25/26 July Derbyshire Dales
Results for Derbyshire Dales TREC GB Qualifier July 2015

The following is a report by Fiona Newboult:
fiona moors

This was mine & Prince’s first ever two-day competition of any kind ever.  Thanks mainly to the amazing Amber stepping forward at the last minute to be our pair, sense of direction failures on the POR were kept to a minimum aside from a few U-turns and a missed checkpoint… sorry Philippa! I could have killed the saddle bag for the amount of bumping about it did that no amount of creative use of leadrope or random carabiners would fix – note to self next time test all equipment prior to competition.  We had a close encounter with some evil cows of doom and also an evil stone of doom (only Prince could find the one stone on a totally pristine and smooth road and manage to land his full weight on it mid flat-out trot, which if you’d believe him nearly caused his leg to drop off… although fingers crossed we appear to have gotten away with it!) 

Control of paces was slightly frustrating as he broke canter going through the start gate spooking at the beeping noise… of course he then stayed in a perfect, steady canter all the way along the corridor after that, and then I didn’t dare ask him to walk on much as he felt ready to trot the entire way back.   I got lost several times on the PTV course (and yes I DID walk it…) and both the low branches and the wall were going to eat us so we couldn’t possibly go anywhere near them, but we had a good go at everything else, even if he did get a bit tired partway around. More hillwork needed!  All in all a good weekend with some fab people and lots of things to take away to improve upon.

14 August TREC GB Championships
Congratulations to all the WHTG members who competed and helped at the 2015 British TREC Championships in Scotland.

Highlights include L4 winner Lynne Mabbitt, L3 Ind winner Sarah Thurnell, L2Pairs won by Alex Sales with Rachael Wilmot. 3rd in this class was Tina Negri & Amanda Royle. L2 Ind was won by Sarah Addis with WHTG filling 2nd – Clare Pollard & 3rd – Liz Payne with Jack who really deserved this after a tough time.

The Rogersons were just beaten into 2nd in L3 Pairs – but if there had been a prize for sheer determination when everything is going awry they’d have won by many miles…

Young rider Alex Robinson showed her talent in a huge L3 class to finish 5th beating many experienced riders much more than twice her age.

In the club team challenge WHTG tied with Central for 1st place but lost out on the tiebreak rule. Look out for us in 2016!

Several WHTG members were selected for the England team and duly won the Nations Cup.

Well done everyone!

30 August brought horses of all shapes, sizes and colours for PTV training – riders Natalie, Marcus, Dawn, Jennie, Rachel and Astrid had a go at s-bend, corridor, ride up/down, staircase ridden, water, bending, ditch, footbridge, shamrock, neck rein, rein back & immobility. Best wishes from all at the club to Rachel, who had a nasty fall at the end of her session.

31 aug s bend 31 aug footbridge 31 aug branches rach bobo astrid lizzie 31 aug stairs up

12 September was a repeat of April’s informal POR training day with seven participants – Kirsty, Emma, Amanda, Tina, Sarah, Ailsa & Liz – a real mixture of experience with some preparing for their first ever TREC competition, others at level 2 and wanting to improve/move up, or already in their first level 3 season. All stayed dry despite the dire weather forecast, and came away feeling more confident about tackling woodland, grids and bearings.
The roamer that seemed to be the most easy to use was The Basic Roamer for those that want to invest.

TREC Lincolnshire

This new club has held several successful training days already this year, and have got more planned, as well as a winter series:
20 September TREC taster day
4 October Practice POR
Winter series 7 November, 5 December, 28 February, 26 March
See their website for more information & schedules.

Remember to keep an eye on TREC GB’s event list to make sure you don’t miss out on any events.

Other TREC dates that you might be interested in: 

25 October group PTV training in outdoor arena at Ingleby Hall Livery Yard, Lincoln – £25
1 November group PTV training at Red House Estate, York – including use of a XC field with ditches, small step and water, (weather permitting) – £20
To book on to either of the above please contact evie@trec-training.uk

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Results for Derbyshire Dales TREC GB Qualifier July 2015

Huge thanks to everyone involved with planning, organising, running, judging and generally helping with this event.  The overall results can now be viewed as a PDF.

Derbyshire Dales 2015 Overall results

Phase results added Tuesday 29 July:

Level 2 POR
Level 2 MA
Level 2 PTV

Level 3 POR
Level 3 MA
Level 3 PTV

Level 4 POR
Level 4 MA
Level 4 PTV

Photographs are now available from www.westbarphotography.co.uk

All competitors are entitled to 5% discount at www.dash4it.co.uk, just use discount code MAP5 at the checkout.

Rosettes and prizes will be taken to the CTG competition at Cannock Chase next weekend, if you are unable to collect from there your rosette and scoresheet will be posted to you, as long as you left an SAE or £1 in your competitor envelope.

If you forgot to do this, please send a large, stamped, self-addressed envelope to: WHTG DD, 24 Woodside View, Holmesfield, Dronfield S18 7WX.

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WHTG events update

We are coming up to a busy time of year for the club, with plenty of training available as well as 2 competitions, both open for entries. Have a look below – we hope to see you soon!


25/26 July Derbyshire Dales competition at Barlow Hunt Kennels, levels 2, 3 and 4 with a POR around beautiful hilly countryside and an excellent all-terrain PTV. Schedule
The organiser Terri would like some more volunteers for judging on either or both days, please email terriamber@live.co.uk if you are able to help.

26/27 September Woodhouse Farm competition in Great Ayton, running all levels over the weekend (level 1 Sunday only). Schedule
Although this competition is a long way to travel for many of our members, those who have competed here previously have never been disappointed by the wonderful riding country and great reception by the hosts. If you can volunteer some time to help this competition run smoothly, please email paula@white-horse-trec.co.uk


Judge training in Wakefield on 28 June has limited places left, but further courses will be arranged in North Yorks, East Yorks & Derbyshire over the coming months. Please contact evie@white-horse-trec.co.uk if you would like to attend.

18 July Evie is running a competition practice day for newcomers and improvers with a guided PTV course walk, 30 minutes schooling time on the PTV course, control of paces and a ~5km practice POR in pairs with tickets and checkpoints, 8 spaces left. Booking form

19 July & 23 August Jane has arranged Arena Cross Country training with Tracey Dillon at Willoughby Lodge Farm, Leicestershire. There are multiple sessions for different levels and cost is £20 per person (WHTG members). It is arena XC on a huge surface and there is a water complex, ditches, steps, banks, and arena XC fences. Tracey is a BE accredited trainer.  Booking form

30 August Evie will set up as many PTV obstacles as she can in an arena and around a 1-acre field, and you can either book the course for an hour for schooling (max of 2 people at any one time) or book a 90 minute group lesson with Evie. Booking form

12 September Evie will be running a POR skills day to improve your confidence out on the POR and give you a taste of what to expect at level 3 competitions. Ideal for anyone wanting to move to level 3 at Woodhouse Farm. Booking form will be available in August, save the date.

Non-WHTG events coming up
27 June Liane Robinson has organised a demo & Q&A with Jackie Bennett – details here
28 June TREC Lincolnshire has PTV training & competition at Ingleby Hall Livery Yard – closed for entries but get in touch with them and see whether you can have a late entry or spectate.
5 July Red House Estate in York are hosting PTV training with Evie, details here

Recent events

25 April was on-foot map skills training, well received by all participants. There is a full report of the day here.

10 May saw the first WHTG arena XC clinic with Tracey Dillon with 7 attendees in two groups, which was a great success. Steph reported: “Emily and I (and the ponies!) thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Under Tracey’s expert instruction we progressed from practicing halts and keeping a straight line to riding steps, water and a small ditch. Great confidence building for both horse and rider. We would love to do it again.” Jane wrote: “A big thank you to Tracey for a great arena XC clinic at the weekend. We had two groups of riders mostly White Horse TREC Group members and this session was all about building confidence and getting the basics right, in particular straightness – it is amazing how hard many of us found it to simply ride our horses in a straight line! We worked on exercises over poles to start with, progressing to banks and steps, ditches and water. Horses and riders all ended the session very happy and we all want to do it again!”

21 June Evie ran an ‘introduction to TREC’ day with 5 members and 1 non-member, most of whom who had never competed before, for a full day’s training including PTV tuition and a guided POR which everyone enjoyed. More photos are available here.

group 2 por branches group 1 por stairs

If you have an idea or venue for a training event or competition then please get in touch with paula@white-horse-trec.co.uk

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Young Rider report – WHTG training fund

Alex Robinson is a WHTG member who has taken advantage of the club’s training fund to improve her jumping, with the aim of increasing her PTV scores. If you are a WHTG member under 21 and want some help with training costs, please have a look at the details here.

Below is Alex’s report of a cross country lesson at Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre:

DSC00327 DSC00326 DSC00325 DSC00323

The aim of the lesson was to improve the impulsion of Warrior between jumps.

To start, I warmed up by getting a forward, controlled walk.  To do this, I used transitions between halt and walk to improve control, and using my legs to push him forwards.  Once I had achieved this I then worked on rhythm and impulsion, using my aids to keep him steady and not running, yet still having the impulsion there.

After working on walk and trot, I then went into canter and practiced my forward seat, and keeping the canter going while in forward seat.

Once warmed up, we then jumped a small fence. On my first approach, I was pushing on before the jump, but stopped pushing on a few strides from the jump, causing Warrior to lose the impulsion.  Therefore, on my second approach, I sat quietly on the approach until I was a few strides from the jump, when I pushed on, meaning that Warrior had the impulsion necessary to jump the fence.

After this, we then moved on to a roll top.  The impulsion was much better at this fence, and we cleared it with ease. After this, we then did the roll top to a trakehner that was downhill.  However, after the roll top, we had a good approach to the trakehner, but Warrior refused at the fence.  After re-approaching the fence, he stopped again.  This continued a few times, with me adjusting my approach each time.  After 4 refusals, he jumped the fence.  After jumping it, we then circled and jumped it again.

A third jump was then added, and we cleared this combination with ease.

Next, we moved on to the ditch.  I first approached it in trot, and Warrior slowed down to have a look at it.  He did jump it first time, and we then came around and jumped it in canter.

After the ditch, we then went on to another trakehner.  The approach was slightly downhill and the exit, slightly uphill.  On the approach, I could feel Warrior backing off the jump, but I pushed him on and we cleared it nicely.

We then went on to the step.  We first did it as a step up, then as a step down in walk first, then in trot.  Both up and down, he had good impulsion, but he probably could have had more going up the step.  After doing the step down, we then did the step down again, followed by a fence.  The first time, my line to the fence from the step wasn’t great, and Warrior was lacking in impulsion, but we still cleared the fence.  We then circled and did the combination again, with a better line and impulsion.

We then jumped a course involving various fences that we had already jumped, and some others, such as the ditch, trakehners and roll top.  The impulsion was great throughout the course, and we still had impulsion between fences.

After the course, we jumped a hedge going uphill, so I had to push on to keep the impulsion.  We then jumped another hedge leading to the first hedge, with a good steady canter, and plenty of impulsion.

Finally, we went to the water complex, and did various steps in and out of the water.  Warrior kept the energy through the water and was calm throughout.

Overall, I feel that the aim of the lesson was achieved, and that despite the earlier problems, we definitely did improve on impulsion through the lesson.

At a TREC competition the following weekend Warrior jumped both the palisade and the path crossing on the first attempt, although our style over the palisade wasn’t great and reflected in the style mark of “0”.

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Team members wanted for Area RC Dressage qualifier 21 June

Members of WHTG are invited to take part in the Area 16 Riding Club Dressage competition on Sunday 21 June 2015.  The club’s dressage team rep Fiona Thurnell needs to send preliminary entries to the Stoneleigh RC office by 31 May so if you would like to take part please get in touch BEFORE 26 May. Classes for Juniors and Seniors, from Preliminary Dressage to Medium level, and also Riding Tests (judged on the rider’s effectiveness rather than on the horse).  There are also classes for Freestyle Dressage to Music starting at Novice level (Prelim for Juniors).  Current flu vaccinations are essential.  The club pays part of the entry fee so the cost per rider is just £10 per test.  The qualifier takes place at Sheepgate Equestrian Centre, Leverton, Boston, Lincolnshire PE22 0AS.   The club has an excellent record at these events and show that TREC horses can also succeed at dressage!  Please do get in touch to register your interest and with any questions:  fiona@white-horse-trec.co.uk or 07732 929444.


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Map skills training report

Seven intrepid TRECies – Fran, Philippa, Caroline, Nicola, Joanne, Ruth and Tracy joined Evie O’Keeffe at the Waterside Discovery Centre, Wintersett for a full day’s training on a range of map and compass skills, incorporating woodland training, grids and bearings.

Evie first explained a few hints and tips for keeping track of your position on a map using landmarks around you, and discussed how to use your horse’s strides to help to track distance travelled if there is nothing else around.

The first exercise delegates worked on was planning a strategy for a section of route through a forest – rather than just seeing a mass of green they learned to read the contour lines, ponds, streams, rights of way and type of woodland to give them more confidence in locating themselves and describe what they would expect as they rode along. They also did the maths for number of strides on each track, and worked out the bearing to set off on at each decision point.

The next exercise was grid references, which was tricky to begin with. All participants received a romer to help them to plot the grid references precisely, and got to keep them for use in competition.

Fran very helpfully brought along a previous competition map and showed everyone how she marks up her map with kms using a small piece of plastic with a 4cm line on to assist with speed calculations, and several people had brought along different examples of speed cards.

We then discussed how to find out your location by analysing the tracks and features around you or using triangulation, either at the end of the bearings section or because you have got a bit lost.

After lunch we all went for a walk in the woods, and quickly realised how important it is to keep track of exactly where you are on the route. Then in to a bearings section including some hills which got everyone nicely warmed up, and illustrated how the number of strides can be affected by terrain and slope – on average adding 25% more strides than expected on the flat.

After a brief rest, the team were then given grid references in the woods – Evie was kind enough to put this ‘checkpoint’ at a clearing with benches to lean on although this is rare at competitions! The grid references were plotted much more quickly now out in the fresh air, and everyone found it easy to follow the route they plotted back to the venue.

By the end of the day everyone’s brains were aching (including Evie’s!) but reports from the delegates were that it had been a very useful, interesting day and good value for money at only £10 for members. Hopefully this report will help everyone to remember the things we covered.

This training will be run again in September and will be ideal for anyone thinking of making the leap up to level three at the end of the season.

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