Ingleby results

It takes a lot of work to put on a competition, even a one-day level one, and I could not have done it without my wonderful band of merry women and men.

Thank you to -deepbreath- Leo, Becky, Ruth, Sarah, Caroline, Charlotte, Cheryl, Aisha, Liane, Fran, Fiona N, Heather, Simon, Alex, Joy, Fiona T, Paula, Danielle, Lisa, and Ina. A fantastic team of judges and stewards who coped admirably with the heat without complaint.

Leverton Farms Ltd kindly allowed use of the farm tracks, and delayed the arrival of their pheasants especially to allow greater access which I hope you will agree gave you a lovely route to follow.  Ingleby Hall Livery have done a great job with the mini PTV course, and are opening it through the summer for TREC schooling days (pre bookings only) £12pp – Fri 13/7, Sat 28/7, Thu 2/8, Sun 12/8, with hacking also available around some of the route for an additional fee. Please contact to book.

The MA was in the outdoor arena, with spooky wings in corners causing some spooky moments! PTV was compact, starting in the arena before moving on to the field edge. It rode well, and included some control and accuracy tests such as a corridor on an angle 10m from the step up, and jump to neck rein & footbridge then bending.
The ‘trough’ out on the POR course was well used, with only about 1/4 of the water remaining by the end.

Even with slow speeds of 6.5, 7 and 6kph the horses clearly appreciated a good drink. I managed to snap our pairs winners taking advantage of it!

IMG_5008.jpgHere’s a master map with checkpoints and tickets marked on. Each of the tests helped to split the competitors: turn left through the hedge to find ticket G, turn through the correct gap on Codder Lane Belt into CP2, go almost to the road before turning – ticket R, and use the tyre tracks through the field not the lane at the edge – CP4.

Results were out within half an hour of the last riders finishing, thank you to all who stayed for the presentation. Well done to our winners Kirsty Collinson (individual) and Kate Haydock & Angela Wright (pairs).

Photos were taken by Hollie (PTV) and her dad Chris (POR) – watch this space for a link to the albums and details for purchasing photos.

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Ingleby times & competitor information

Directions – The yard postcode is LN1 2PQ, grid ref SK 8874 7812. Please use this Google maps link to get directions if you do not have a sat nav.
The big yellow WHTG sign will be opposite the gateway. For those who haven’t been to Ingleby before, there’s a venue map below to help you get your bearings. It’s a nice compact yard & course so no long walks!

Parking – you will be directed to your specific parking area on arrival by the yard manager – this depends on your vehicle. Parking is tight so you may not put up any tents or corrals in the parking paddock.
Nobody will want to leave horses in vehicles in the heat – so please look out for each other’s horses when tied up and ensure the gate is kept shut.

Corralling – We currently only have Helen and Kirsty down to stay overnight as corralling is limited. Please let Evie know your intended arrival time, which must be no earlier than 5pm on Saturday.  There is plenty of grass in the corralling paddock. You must not pitch any tents in the corralling paddock. Corrals must be electrified when occupied, and must have your contact number attached to the gate.
If you would like to put up a small day corral in the corralling field then you may do so, but there is no shade so tying to the shaded side of your transport may be better for short periods.

Dogs – due to the hot weather, please leave all dogs at home.


The venue is very compact so whether you are riding, walking or driving around please go slowly and be observant of your surroundings. 

The weather forecast is for 29 degrees C. The speeds have been reduced, and a section removed from your POR route to account for this.
Water is available for humans and horses at the venue.
Please bring suncream, sun hat, fly repellent, plenty of fluids (isotonic drinks are advised, to replace lost salts as well as water). Make sure you and your horse are both well hydrated before travelling, and offer water regularly. You can add apple juice or quick soaking sugar beet based feed to increase palatability.
There will be a horse water point clearly marked on the master map, at a point that is accessible from two different points of your route. Please sponge your horse off if required rather than sloshing, to conserve water for others.


Order of the day:
1. On arrival (no earlier than 9.30am), take your body protector, riding hat and emergency contact’s details to the secretary to declare. Collect your horse & rider ID tags. Set your watch to match the ‘official time’ which will be displayed there.
2. Go to walk the course (see the map below). If competitors are going round at the time you must listen out for judges telling you to get out of the way.  It should take you no more than 15 minutes to walk.
3. Go to the map room without your horse (take your pens and map case) at least a couple of minutes early. You must be QUIET to allow other competitors to concentrate.  Take note of the type of tickets being used as these will be displayed on the wall. A head torch will be useful as the lighting is not great. At the end of your 10 minutes copying the route, your map will be sealed in an envelope and given back to you – put it straight in your map case and do not open it until you start the POR.
3. You now have 45 minutes to tack up and warm up for PTV/MA.
You and your horse should get ready everything you will need for the POR, because it will follow on soon after – you’ll have around 30 minutes from end of PTV to your tack check.
You can use the indoor school to warm up – maximum of three riders at once. Please be with the start steward near the outdoor arena at least a minute before your start time.
4. Do your MA & PTV – you start in the outdoor arena.
ingeby 2018 ptv course map

I have done a talk round for the PTV course, you should also familiarise yourself with the rulebook. The data sheet for the Double U is here – it’s not in the rulebook.

5. You now have a thirty minute break – go back to your transport to collect your saddlebags & map case, drop off your body protector if not wearing it for POR, and grab a drink for yourself and your horse. Go to the POR start for your tack check in good time (make sure you have all of the required equipment).  The steward will check that your map is still sealed before you open it, and that you have all the compulsory equipment in the rulebook.
6. After your tack check, you will be given a record card. Put this somewhere safe such as a zipped pocket or your map case. Make a note of the optimum speed for the first section, which will be displayed at the start. At your POR start time, leave and ride the route that you have marked on your map.
On the POR – keep an eye out for tickets like the ones displayed at the map room. If you ride past one, note it down on your record card. Your ride will only take you around field edges, on lanes, and in clear tractor wheel routes through fields – you must not damage any crops.
When you get to a checkpoint you’ll need to give them your record card, they will put your arrival & leaving time on and hand it back (put it back in the secure place). You’ll have a 5 minute break and then set off again with a different optimum speed (this will be displayed on a tree).
When you finish the POR you will hand in your record card to the steward. After untacking and sorting your horse, please return your number bib to the secretary.
Home made cakes will be for sale in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance. 
If you can’t stay for prize giving (totally understandable in the heat – horses come first and should not be made to wait around), please leave £1 to cover postage of your rosette and scoresheet. Unfortunately we cannot post any prizes.

Behaviour – a note from your Technical Delegate. 
I understand that competitions can be stressful. However, we all do this for fun and it is important that your horse enjoys the experience. I have written the above ‘talk round’ to hopefully minimise stress on the day as you will know where you need to be and when.

Due to ill tempered behaviour reported at a recent competitions I would like to draw everyone’s attention to rule 2.1 of the TREC GB rulebook.

2.1 Code of Conduct
FITE and TREC GB require all those involved in equestrian sport to adhere to the FEI Code of Conduct for the Welfare of the Horse (see Appendix 1.) and accept that at all times the welfare of the horse must be paramount and must never be subordinated to competitive or commercial influences. In addition, the following behaviour by competitors or officials will not be accepted at any TREC GB affiliated event:
 Conduct in a manner which is offensive to the public, competitors, judges, organisers or any other official
 Arguing with a judge, official or other competitor, use of abusive or threatening language, or behaving with contempt towards a judge, official or other competitor
 Ill-treatment in any way of a horse at any time or in any circumstance
 Dangerous riding
 Breaking of the rules
 Failing to obey any reasonable instruction given by a judge, official, organiser or Technical Delegate.
If a competitor or official is reported for one of the above they may be disqualified from the event and the matter may be investigated by a disciplinary panel.

If I observe, hear, or have fed back to me any contraventions of that rule, I will have no hesitation in eliminating the perpetrator in order to preserve the integrity of the sport we love.
NB this doesn’t apply to the odd exclamation over a big jump, etc – that’ll just affect your style mark!

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English Champions crowned at Ivesley TREC

White Horse TREC Group ventured further north than ever before, and were rewarded with a wonderful weekend of competition at Ivesley Equestrian near Durham. The venue found by Kathryn Rollinson and Paula Bean was a worthy backdrop for the 2018 English TREC Championships.  With Peter Bean overseeing things, Joy Bradley keeping score and a team of WHTG members helping in all areas it was a huge success. Thanks to generous sponsorship from Emerald Green Feeds, Jamie Sproates Photography and Cheval Unique Embroidery the winners went away laden with prizes, and every rider received a rosette and goodie bag. Report and pics to follow, results below.  We understand there may have been some [computer] anomalies on the individual score sheets handed out but the overall scores and results are correct. Please see the photographer website for lovely pics from the weekend and do buy some!

If you have any comments from the weekend (good as well as areas to improve!) TREC GB collate feedback from riders using this form









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Ivesley times & competitor info

Please read all of the Ivesley competitor information carefully and thoroughly.

Here are your start times – we hope all horses, riders and helpers have an enjoyable weekend!

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Ingleby entries open & BRC events

Ingleby level one summer TREC on Sunday 8th July – entries are now open.
Schedule here. Enter via Equo – limited to just thirty places so please get your entry in!
We need lots of helpers! 
Map room steward, tack check steward, checkpoint judges, PTV & control of paces judges, scorer – please email to volunteer. Due to the limited entries it will not be a long day and you will be well fed.
Priority to WHTG members until 1 June.

BRC qualifiers
Team and Individual entries are invited from WHTG members for the following Riding Club Area Qualifiers being held at Arena UK near Grantham.
NAMES ARE NEEDED BY THURSDAY 17th MAY as the club has to make entries to Head Office in advance.
Join in and represent WHTG in a fun, supportive team atmosphere!

10th June Show Jumping
Classes from 70cm upwards
Junior and Senior
Team and Individual

17th June Dressage and Dressage to Music
Prelim upwards
Junior and Senior
Team and Individual

If you are interested or have any questions PLEASE EMAIL ASAP so we can include you.
Phone enquiries: 07803 703395
Show Jumping:

The club pays part of the entry fees for the qualifier competition.
Horses MUST have an up to date vaccination record.
If you qualify for the finals WHTG will pay the championship entry fees.

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Thornton House Results

Well we booked the weather and had a good day.  It’s always busy but that is down to you, our competitors.  Lots of new and excited riders – always good to see.  Thank you all for supporting us – event though it was ‘an additional event’ it was full.

We had lots of volunteers so thank you all so much – you know who you are – you have no idea how it makes you feel when you all come forward – those we didn’t ask – we will get you next time!!

yaa picOur ‘Dexter” Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity Obstacle raised £50 – absolutely brilliant – again thanks everyone.  This has been sent to YAA with a letter and photo of Lesley Dexter taking part.

We will keep you updated if we find a new route around Thornton for a full competition but we have three affiliated WHTG TREC competitions this year:
26/27 May Ivesley Equestrian, 8 July Ingleby Hall, 5 August Ellerker – see the ‘Events’ page for more details. Other clubs have events within travelling distance too – see the TREC GB website for the full list.

Thornton Results 25 March 2018

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Times & Competitor Info for Thornton

COMPETITOR INFORMATION – THORNTON HOUSE, (Allerthorpe Woods) Barmby Moor YO42 4DD 25th March 2018

White Horse TREC kindly thank Lesley & Family for allowing us to use their facilities.

You can walk the course if you arrive prior to your class but remember there is a viewing gallery upstairs.

Times for Thornton 25 March 2018

Directions:  You approach Thornton House Equestrian from the A1079 in either direction.  Follow the signs once you turn off  A1079 & NOT  your Sat Nav (this will take you to the front of the owners property and there is no access). You can ride out in the local wood behind the Livery Yard but remember it is very wet at the present time.

The day is going to be very busy as we have a good entry. Please ensure you are ready on time and ready to go in earlier if called.  We have tried to keep the times within the ‘day-light’ so there is no lunch break as such although there will be changes in judges to allow them a break.  Thank you.

We will all be over-seeing the actual competition in the Arena with Kathryn also undertaking a number of jobs and Paula will ensure you are where you should be!!

Parking – please park according to the venue signs, and leave the hard standing as you find it i.e. clear up after your horse.  If you have a large vehicle you might prefer to park where you turn into the premises before the gate.

HELPERS REQUIRED.  If you can spare some time, please ask Peter, Kathryn or Paula  PLEASE REMEMBER WE CANNOT RUN ANY COMPETITION WITHOUT OTHERS ASSISTING. Kathryn will be collecting sheets and working out the scores-also doing the prize giving, answering questions etc. If you have some time spare between classes, please offer to steward the warm-up arena or get some refreshments for the judges. See Paula if you have.

We have some experienced judges to help us, but never enough and appreciate everyone for giving up there time.

Café/Hot Food –the hot food area for this event will be open so please bring some cash with you to support it, it is in the building on the left as you walk up the stairs to the viewing area. Presentation of rosettes & score sheets will take place in here approximately 15 minutes after the end of each class


Queries – please direct all queries to Kathryn, not to our judges.  If you have to withdraw please phone Paula on 07951019965.

OBSTACLES:  Please note that Obstacle No 8 is an obstacle with a purpose because we would like to support The Dexter Family in collecting for Yorkshire Air Ambulance-a Charity which is very much close to their hearts at the moment.  We cannot do this without your help – so by helping us, we also help The Dexter Family and a very worthwhile Charity -YORKSHIRE AIR AMBULANCE – don’t forget to bring your change. THANK YOU.

The obstacle list is here– save it to your phone for last minute revision!
You will find copies for each class adjacent to where you collect your bibs.  You can read up about the obstacles on the TREC GB Website.

Important notes

  • We are using number bibs so please ensure you DON’T go home with them. Remember to pick them up on a table provided before going to viewing gallery.
  • Competitors & spectators are not permitted in the livery stable areas. Steps to the viewing gallery are marked.
  • When walking/riding between car park and arena please be aware of moving vehicles, both horseboxes arriving/leaving and liveries in their cars may cross your path.
  • Please use green (novice/young) or red (kicker) tail ribbons as appropriate for your horse, and please give plenty of space to any horse wearing a ribbon.
  • Start times, course maps and obstacle lists will be displayed at the entrance to the arena.
  • We have the use of the outdoor arena to warm up – please ride sensibly.
  • Things to bear in mind for the classes:
  • The TREC GB rulebook is available to download for free here
  • Competitors in the affiliated classes cannot be given any assistance by the judges on the course.
  • If you want to miss an obstacle out you must ride up to it, halt and tell the judge that you won’t be attempting it.
  • Circling at any point before an obstacle counts as an effectiveness fault.
  • Red flags on your right & white flags on your left.
  • For all affiliated classes, the start of the timed PTV (obstacles) section is the end of the paces corridor.
  • If you are struggling to complete an obstacle, move on to the next otherwise you risk running out of time.
  • If you run out of time before completing all the obstacles, the judges will shout ‘time’ and you should then leave the arena.
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