Autumn dates for your diary

We are putting together a full autumn & winter schedule of training and arena competitions, if you have a suggestion for a venue we should visit then please get in touch!

New events in our area open for booking
25 September WHTG mini fun TREC, Wakefield Booking form & more details
1 October WHTG Tracey Dillon XC Training, Leics Booking form
1 October WHTG Intro to TREC demo and Q&A, Wellow EC near Ollerton, Notts
We are looking for help from members including guinea pig riders (ideal for young horses), car park and door stewards, please email to volunteer. Intro to TREC Demo booking
2 October FUG unaffiliated TREC, Oldham Booking form & more details
2 October Hope Pastures charity ride around Ilkley – get a sneak peak at the lovely area you will ride in for our postponed Ilkley TREC which will now take place in 2017! Evie will be there with some PTV obstacles for you to have a go at, too. Event details.
8 October WHTG Judge Training, Wakefield 10am-4pm
FREE to WHTG members and friends/family who help at WHTG events.
£10 cost for all others, please email to book.
Classroom based with approx 90 minutes’ practical judging of guinea pig horse & rider outdoors to end the afternoon, really useful training to improve your knowledge and application of the rules.
9 October – WHTG Arena TREC Milton Equestrian Centre, nr Worksop Schedule or Enter online via Equo
15 October SHRC PTV training with Evie in East Yorkshire HU12 9BX Booking form

Dates for your diary – booking details to follow
12 November – WHTG map training & AGM, King’s Arms, Heath, Wakefield
17 December – Arena TREC Moorhouse EC, nr Doncaster

Competition reports
Have you been to a WHTG competition (Ingleby, Bulcote, Prestwold, Ellerker) or TREC GB championship this year? Would you and your horse like 5 minutes of fame? We would love to put your reports and photos on our ‘summer round up’ at the end of the month, please email with the details.

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Ellerker TREC report & final results

Unaffiliated individual
Unaffiliated pairs
Affiliated individual
Affiliated pairs

Wow, some of those scores were close! Thank you so much for bearing with us while the scores were finalised – with so many aspects to the scoring of the three phases, it’s a lot of numbers to enter. Affiliated competitors in classes 3 & 4 – don’t forget to enter the first ever level 1 TREC GB championships, entries close on Friday 12th August for competitors from this event. 1st – 4th qualify and placings roll down the line if anyone has already qualified.

So why do people who were a minute early into a checkpoint not get any penalties? 
The first minute early isn’t penalised, because we only record whole minutes for arrival at checkpoints (with no rounding up or down of seconds). The official optimum time for each measured section is always rounded down to the nearest minute. If the time allowed is 34 mins, someone up to a minute either side of 34m 0s will get 0 penalties for that section. Anyone taking 32m 59s or less/35m or more will receive penalties.

Why do some people get 20 penalties at a ticket and others 30?
This only happens at ‘manned’ tickets, where a person is positioned to check the route taken by riders. If you take an incorrect route but still find the person there is a 20 point penalty, however if you miss that point on the route altogether it is a 30 point penalty.

A report from your organisers…
It was with some degree of trepidation that we  were cajoled into organising a TREC on our farm.  We soon realised that hosting a TREC is a huge responsibility and very much a team effort on the day.  Any feelings of anxiety were soon dispelled however, as the weekend unfolded.  Volunteers came forward and others were press-ganged to help, but this small army played a big part on the day – thank you all.

greyWe welcomed 35 riders to our Level 1 TREC at Ellerker on a lovely sunny weekend.  More than half of these riders had never attempted a full TREC before, and that included eleven year old Phoebe and eight year old Holly who both achieved creditable PTV scores.  Although they did not complete the POR phase on this occasion, both are keen to compete again.

We offered overnight corralling on the Saturday night, which was taken up by 10 riders, and our course walk was very popular, expertly guided by our TD, Peter Bean, with welcome contributions from a few more experienced riders who also attended.

bbqWe thoroughly enjoyed the company of you all, and it was especially rewarding to see so many at the Saturday night barbecue in the garden mixing together and sharing thoughts on the day ahead.  The food all seemed to disappear quite quickly – our daughter Jill who was in charge of catering couldn’t believe the appetites of treccies!

The PTV course over 2 kms of grass field margin was easy to follow, and seemed to ride well, with everyone enjoying their ride, and provided some good scores.  The POR provided some unexpected challenges – the Birds Eye pea viners moved into the middle of the route at midday, but all co-operated and coped with these huge mechanical monsters and their entourage, then towards the end a group of carriage drivers decided to take a “short-cut” (unannounced and uninvited!) along the farm track.

There have been some questions regarding the POR penalties.  To ensure the riders’ safe passage round the course, and to create competition, we use checkpoints and tickets.  The tickets are placed in an area to confirm that you have passed that point.  If you do not write down the ticket on your score card, it is deemed as missed and incurs a 30 point penalty.  There are also Manned tickets, where someone is positioned to check the route taken.  If you reach that point by an incorrect route, there is a 20 point penalty – if you miss that point on the route altogether it is a 30 point penalty.  A checkpoint is manned to enable confirmation of arrival, change of speed for the next leg, allow you and your horse a chance to rest and collect your thoughts, and lastly to spread the competitors to avoid a cluster of riders following each other.  If you come into a checkpoint (and the Finish is classed as a Checkpoint) on the wrong route, there is a 30 point penalty.

It was extremely disappointing that a hiccup with the scoring system meant that after such a successful day we were unable to finish off with the prize-giving ceremony we had envisaged – thank you for your understanding and patience.

blackWe would like to congratulate all the riders who took part.  The atmosphere and enthusiasm was infectious, and that is what drives an organiser and helpers to plan another event.  From the positive comments received, it was obviously a successful and enjoyable event.  We were also very impressed at how clean and tidy you left the venue – a real credit to TREC, especially as newcomers – thank you!

Chris and Joy

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Newsletter including Ellerker info

How is it August already?

The English Championships at Prestwold at the end of June were a great success despite the traditional British weather making an appearance! Thank you to Jane & team for putting on such a great competition for riders of all levels, with stunning routes and a testing but enjoyable PTV. The extra challenge provided by the fun run next door certainly had an effect on the MA scores!

The introductory POR training on foot, held on 31 July, was well attended with 6 complete newbies to TREC which was great – hopefully all will be seen at future events.

On the same weekend several club members made the journey down to Suffolk for the TREC GB Championships – well done to Fiona Thurnell, Jane O’Shea, Alex Sales, Liz & Mick Payne, Tina Negri & Amanda Royle, Vicky & Molly Rothwell, Sheila Roberts, Alex Robinson, Sarah Thurnell, Sheila Rogerson & Liane Robinson.
You can view the overall results here – well done all.

Good luck to the members who have qualified for the inaugural level 1 TREC GB Championships being held nr Worcester at the end of this month.

We would love to feature some of this season’s riders in our next newsletter so please email with an event report and your photos if you would like 5 minutes of fame!

Competition updates
Unfortunately for circumstances outside the organisers’ control the September competitions have both been postponed.

4 Sept Tadcaster PTV/MA only competition has been postponed but Evie is trying to re-arrange a date for this year.
18 Sept Ilkley has been postponed to 2017

Other events

14 August – PTV training, Hopton Horse Centre, Mirfield West Yorkshire
Evie has booked a cross country field at this new venue, with inclines, water, small ditches and a bank to play on as well as the mobile obstacles. Lots of places left, come and join us!
Booking form & more details
Bookings received: Karen, Jill

2 October – Hollingley Farm Charity Fun Ride, Ilkley
All proceeds to Hope Pastures and the Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association
The ride will start at Hollingley Farm, Denton near Ilkley over land not normally accessible to horse riders. The ride will be off road, incorporating farm land, moorland and wooded paths. We are lucky to have such lovely riding on our doorstep and wish to share it with other riders for a small fee to raise funds for Hope Pastures and UWFRA. The ride is suitable for all ages and abilities. Free parking and refreshments/BBQ on site, plus the chance to have a go at TREC obstacles with Evie O’Keeffe TREC Trainer.
This will be a great day out with a lovely ride and chance to play with some of the obstacles on grass, and a great chance to see what the riding in this area is like, ready for the postponed competition next year! £20 to book. To register, or for more information, please ring 07943 532151 or email

Next year

The committee is starting to look ahead both to the arena TREC season and next year. We know of several great venues but competitions need organisers. Would you like to help organise an event? For a full summer competition you get to go out riding in lovely areas to set the routes, and can even be the one to test-ride the PTV to set the time allowed! Help available from experienced organisers. Contact or 07939 471564 if you would like to get involved.

And now the bit you have all been waiting for – Ellerker details

We have got a great entry of 34, with a lot of people giving a full summer TREC a go for the first time – good luck everyone! If you are able to lend a hand please email

Ellerker Start Times
Competitor information
PTV talk roundEllerker Trec Site Plan

PTV Course


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Times and info for English TREC Championships

Please see start times and important information for the English TREC Championships at Prestwold this weekend.


English TREC Championships

Prestwold competitor info please read!

PTV Obstacles

Prestwold POR Times v2

Prestwold PTV Times v2

Venue Plan

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Hot competition at Bulcote TREC!

52 riders packed their sun cream, shorts and smiles and descended on Bulcote Farm in Nottinghamshire this weekend for the first two day WHTG competition this year. Severn Trent Water and farm manager John & Katie Jackson had kindly agreed to let us take over their historic farm for the event. The horses were happy with the corralling field, with knee high grass and plenty of space.  On Saturday morning the Level 4 riders were not the only ones with an early start, as the Level 2 classes used a second map room and set off at the same time but in a different direction around the fishing lakes to the east of the venue.  Level 3 followed soon after, but fortunately did not have to start with a 1:50,000 scale map unlike the Level 4s!  The two longer routes used a mixture of bridlepaths and roads to reach Epperstone where grid references were issued.  After completing this task it was Hoveringham to Gunthorpe, crossing under the road bridge back onto Severn Trent land. After a vet check onto bearings around the fishing lakes, meeting Ruth Saunby from Indiepics on the way who took some stunning photos.  Then the Level 3 and 4 riders joined the Level 2 route, which took riders almost entirely off-road to Stoke Bardolph village and back with some testing tickets on the way.  By late afternoon the sun had come out and riders and helpers made their way to Arkenfield Stables to walk the PTV course and then enjoy hand made pizzas cooked on site by The Peel Wood Fired Kitchen

Sunday morning started off cool but soon warmed up as the MA and PTV got underway thanks to a huge band of volunteer judges. Only a kilometre long, the course made clever use of the permanent features in the Arkenfield paddocks to provide a challenge at all Levels. The ridden ditch, zebra crossing and house jump made interesting entertainment for the spectators, who had a great view from the finish area complete with catering van from The Cottage Kitchen.  Ace scorer Ali Pollard number crunched super efficiently to get the scores displayed despite some reluctant new software. The blazing sun made for a memorable weekend, and there were lots of glowing faces at the prize giving.  Due to the generosity of Severn Trent Water the corralling fees are being donated to the TREC GB International Riders , raising over £500 for their trip to Spain for the 2016 World Championships.  Local rider Jenni French found both the venues and the POR routes and was given a well deserved vote of thanks before the rosettes were handed out.  Technical Delegate Sarah Thurnell enjoyed the event so much she might even run another one at a different venue next year!

Below are examples of all the master maps used, the ones in the map room were photocopied so were identical to each other.  Also information on the tickets and the additional tasks given to the Level 3 and 4 riders. The phase and overall scores for each class are available here too. All prizes were collected, if you left a SAE your individual score sheet and rosette will be posted out this week.  Otherwise these can be collected from Sarah’s horsebox at Keysoe TREC.

Bulcote 2016 Level 4 PTV scoresBulcote 2016 Level 4 POR scoresBulcote 2016 Level 4 overall scoresBulcote 2016 Level 4 MA scoresBulcote 2016 Level 3 PTV scoresBulcote 2016 Level 3 POR scoresBulcote 2016 Level 3 Pairs overall scoresBulcote 2016 Level 3 MA scoresBulcote 2016 Level 3 Individual overall scoresBulcote 2016 Level 2 PTV scoresBulcote 2016 Level 2 POR scoresBulcote 2016 Level 2 Pairs overall scoresBulcote 2016 Level 2 MA scoresBulcote 2016 Level 2 Individual overall scores



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Newsletter inc Bulcote times & Ellerker Schedule

Please help!
All members were emailed on 9 May asking for dates on which they will be able to volunteer to help the club. Thank you to everyone who has replied so far, but please can the remaining few identify the competitions that they will be able to volunteer for – all members are required to provide help for one full day or two half days (which can be organised around competing by judging another level’s PTV). If you can’t personally help then bringing a willing volunteer also counts! You can see the dates available below.
We provide refreshments for all judges, and anyone making a special journey just to judge will be given some cash towards their mileage. Email with details.

Nottinghamshire POR

Bulcote TREC L2/3/4 on 4/5 June Start Times and competitor info and directions (please read before setting off).
Prestwold TREC L1/2/3/4 on 25/26 June is expected to fill up quickly – if you are intending to enter then please do so now – online entry is easy with Equo, and the schedule is here. Withdrawals before the closing date will be refunded.
Ellerker TREC L1 on 7 August is now open for entries – unaffiliated class is available alongside a qualifier for the championships which will be near Worcester on 27/28 August. Schedule here, enter easily online with Equo. Withdrawals before the closing date will be refunded.
Tadcaster PTV/MA on 4 September – save the date
Ilkley L1/2 on 18 September – save the date

19 June NON-WHTG event, Ivesley Equestrian Centre, Nr Durham Kathryn Rollinson PTV clinic book here
31 July
newcomers map reading training on foot with Evie at Brodsworth (just off junction 38 of A1).
Chance to get to grips with a 1:25000 map, and walk round a level 1 style route on foot within a group. Will take approximately 3 hours at a very steady pace as there is lots of stopping to discuss the map, which will be provided. Ideal preparation for Ellerker & Ilkley level 1 TRECs. Minimum of 10 participants required for this training to go ahead, bring a friend and your compass! £10 for WHTG members, £15 for non-members, email to book.
Tracey Dillon arena XC will continue from July, once Jane has got Prestwold out of the way – dates to follow.

training4 training2 training

6 August NON-WHTG event, Evie O’Keeffe PTV training at CHAPS nr Collingham, Newark, with both mobile & fixed TREC obstacles, booking form available soon. See more photos from the previous training which was attended by several WHTG members, on Evie’s facebook page.
TBC in August: PTV training incorporating natural & XC obstacles at Thornton Lodge nr York and Hopton Horse Centre West Yorkshire.
If you would like to organise your own training, contact:
Evie O’Keeffe (Yorkshire & Midlands)
Kathryn Rollinson (North Yorkshire)

Redwings Strangles Survey open until 8 June

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June competitions open for entries NOW

The schedules are available now for our June affiliated competitions at both Bulcote and Prestwold and entries are open! Don’t hang about, both events are sure to be popular and entries are limited.  You can enter online using Equo or download the schedule from our Events page if you prefer real paper and a stamp.  Both competitions feature Saturday night social events not to be missed and fantastic off road riding.

Nottinghamshire POR

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