About the club

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White Horse TREC Group runs TREC competitions throughout the East Midlands and Yorkshire.  We are affiliated to TREC GB, the governing body for TREC in the UK. We have been affiliated to BRC since inception, but will disaffiliate as of 01 November 2019.

We run competitions all year round – summer qualifiers at all levels between 1 April & 30 September, then Arena TREC from 1 October to 30 March. We provide discounted training opportunities for members, as well as social events and pleasure rides on occasion. We’re a friendly lot and the main aim is to enjoy ourselves!

20160531_175259We try to spread the events around at suitable venues, so that hopefully there is something close to everyone some of the time.

Club members are a varied bunch of all ages, with all kinds of horses and ponies – from successful international TREC competitors to people just starting out and keen to do more.

For details of our Privacy Policy click HERE

Your committee for 2019 is:

Chair: Evie O’Keeffe evie@white-horse-trec.co.uk
Vice Chair: Dave Rogerson dave@white-horse-trec.co.uk
Treasurer: Joy Bradley joy@white-horse-trec.co.uk
Membership Secretary: Vicki Waller vicki@white-horse-trec.co.uk
Minutes Secretary: Ruth O’Keeffe ruth@white-horse-trec.co.uk
BRC teams: Fiona Newboult fiona-n@white-horse-trec.co.uk
Volunteer co-ordinator: Jane O’Shea jane@white-horse-trec.co.uk
Paula Bean paula@white-horse-trec.co.uk
Marie Spillane marie@white-horse-trec.co.uk
Sheila Rogerson sheila@white-horse-trec.co.uk
Sarah Appleby sarah-a@white-horse-trec.co.uk


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