The Committee

Chair: Paula Bean

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My name is Paula Bean and I have taken over as Chair for the coming year.

Why I do what I can towards TREC and WHTG:

My daughter Kathryn came into TREC by chance after a very good Equestrian friend said to her one day “I know just what you’d like taking part in – I’ve seen about it in magazine” so from that moment we looked it up and found that there was going to be a competition in the Sheffield Area. After that we were hooked and Kathryn went from strength to strength enjoying every discipline of TREC.  Peter and I always went along and after that first trip out – Sheffield was quite a near trip compared to Switzerland where Kathryn rode as a Young Rider for Great Britain – to name just one visit.

WHTG is a large TREC Club and covers a huge area so, as Chair, it is my ambition to see Members looking out for venues for both summer and winter (Indoor) Competition. I feel it is unfair to rely on the same people over and over again to come up with venues. The area that WHTG covers is from the furthest point south of the Humber, across to Derbyshire and to the top of North Yorkshire/Teesside Border.

Presently, I am involved in organising competitions and generally helping where time permits.I have a 3 year old Highland Pony and look forward to him coming into the sport and enjoyingit as much as our other horses have done in the past.
If anyone has any questions to me, as Chair, please do not hesitate to contact me

Vice-Chair: Dave Rogerson


I’ve been a WHTG member for eighteen and a Committee member for five years. My first TREC was at Richmond EC in 1999 and since then I have enjoyed competing all over the UK, mainly at Level 3. Additionally, I am a TREC GB qualified TD, Traceur and Trainer of Judges and enjoyed all aspects of our sport throughout this time.

Currently, I am Chair of the IRWG, Chef d’Equipe to the Senior TREC GB Team and VC of the WHTG Committee.

My working life was full time in education as a teacher and latterly as a School Improvement Partner within six Local Authorities until retirement in 2016.

In my spare time, away from horses and TREC, I enjoy gardening, DIY and family life, which can be hectic with eight grandchildren! I believe I actively promote a ‘win-win’ culture, for our sport, and will continue to do so in the years to come.


Treasurer: Joy Bradley

DSCN1987 (2)

I have been involved with horses all my life, mainly showing and breeding, and then just when I thought I would never compete again, I discovered TREC in 2005 – just a couple of competitions held locally.  It was another five years later before I had the right horse, the time available, and a friend to join me, to be able to compete on a regular basis, and got completely hooked, travelling all over the country from Dartmoor to Scotland. My knowledge and love of TREC inspired me to “live the dream” in 2013, when I rode the Coast to Coast from St Bees in Cumbria to Robin Hoods Bay with a friend, having planned the route and overnight stays myself.

I no longer ride, but enjoy helping as a qualified judge and Organiser.  I am a farmer’s wife, and a freelance farm secretary – hence the organisational and accounting skills which have been put to good use helping WHTG as Treasurer (since 2014), and organiser of a number of competitions.


Membership Secretary / TREC GB Club Rep: Vicki Waller

IMG_2880I first competed at TREC 18 years ago at one of the indoor competitions. It wasn’t until 2017 that I came back to the sport and completed my first full, 3 phase TREC competition.  Over the last 40 years I have competed in various equestrian disciplines including British Driving, BE, BS, dressage, endurance and showing but none have “hooked” me so easily as TREC did.  I have competed at Level 1 mainly and tried Level 2 in 2019.  I became a WHTG member in 2017 and joined the committee in 2018.  My working career has seen me being a Class 1 lorry driver, 2 decades in the Banking industry and finally settling 5 years ago as a Horse Bitting Consultant.  My hobbies include video editing and gardening and I am currently part way through a year long Equine Behaviourist course. I feel very passionate about TREC and the benefits it can bring to any horse/human partnership no matter what your age or capabilities are.


Minutes Secretary: Marie Spillane


I have ridden since an early age and my first pony was a Skegness beach donkey who we looked after every winter for a few years. My first TREC competition was in 2003 with my ex-racehorse Ramova (Portia) who I’d recently retired from eventing. We completed a hat trick of wins at the Scottish, Welsh and British Championships in 2008 at level 2. Portia was frequently one of the top scorers in both COP and PTV to make up for any of my mistakes on POR! I took on another ex-racehorse, Prince of Love who was slightly more challenging particularly on POR as many will remember! We mostly competed at level 3 or 4 pairs with Alex Sales as he preferred a friend for POR! Sadly lost both horses due to old age and injuries and I was horseless for a while until I found a new TREC star in 2018 – Westend Stevie an IDx. Stevie has also proved to be very good at PTV and loves the variety TREC brings. He already has level 1 and level 2 English and British Championship wins to his name. Hoping we can get back out competing at TREC in 2021 and continue to work our way back up the levels. 


Website: Fiona Newboult


I think I can squarely blame the lovely Evie for getting me into TREC in 2013. Due to soundness issues of pony (& to be fair he was not a very reliable hacking pony at that point & hacking out alone seemed a total impossibility) we initially did arena competitions only before making our Summer TREC debut at Derbyshire Dales in 2015 in Level 2 Pairs( Where me & my pair managed to miss an entire checkpoint out & then I got lost on the PTV course the next day)  For some reason I didn’t take the hint that I am not a natural map reader & have persisted!

I joined the committee in late 2018 & took over management of the website & writing the newsletter at the end of 2020  (so if anything breaks on here it’s probably my fault!).  I am also a Probationary judge & enjoy helping out where I can. In my day job I’m a Registered Veterinary Nurse  with an interest in Medical Nursing & ECC currently working at a small animal hospital in the Leeds area.

I have done all my competing so far on the prancing Welsh dragon known as Prince (pictured along with mascot “Oopsberry”… kindly named by a fellow Treccie!) Some members may recognise us from watching him misbehave in some way from a distance or had the misfortune of judging us!  We were L1 Individual English Champion 2016, 2nd in Individual Newcomer class at L1 Championships 2016 (I think if they’d handed out a prize for “most places climbed up leaderboard on day 2” we’d’ve won it that year as I think we were either last or second last after POR!) & L1 Intermediate Individual Champion 2017. We also did some L2 Pairs classes in 2017 & a few slightly disastrous attempts at L2 Individual classes in 2018. Sadly I lost him in 2019 due to his many & various physical issues starting to catch up with him. I’ve now got a rising 5 yr old Highland called Fergus who is convinced he is in fact a Labrador & insists on investigating / eating everything. Hopefully he will be backed this year & then we can crack on with causing chaos at competitions around the country!

Jane O’Shea


I first competed in TREC in July 2000 when I turned up to a competition with very little prior knowledge of what was involved, with my lovely all-rounder horse Spangles, learning most of what was required on the course walk. We had a fabulous time, won the competition, and I was hooked from that day on. Spangles was good in all three phases and is the only one of my horses to have ever got the elusive 60 in the MA.

Competing mostly in Level 2 Pairs for several years we enjoyed a lot of success, winning the English Championships twice and doing well in the national league.

With my next horse I moved up to level 3 but found I did not enjoy the significantly longer time in the saddle on the POR although I loved the extra challenge of the map reading. Level 2A could have been made for me. With my current horse Ruby I have therefore competed mostly at level 2 and 2A.

I am a qualified judge and traceur and have organised many events at all levels. I enjoy helping as much as I enjoy riding and can often be found judging at events in the Midlands and further afield. I love the social aspect of TREC, and weekends away with my horse and my TREC friends are one of my favourite things.

I have been a member of the WHTG Committee since the club was formed in 2003. Photo is Ruby and I on the PTV, Asgarby TREC, Lincs in 2016


Anna Dawson-Jones

Me and Moo

Hi I’m Anna one of the general committee members. I’ve owned Carrownular Breeze aka Mossi or Moo Monster for nearly four years. He’s the first horse I’ve fully owned and he fulfils a lifetime ambition of owning my own horse. At nearly 50 I leave the eventing and show jumping my eldest son, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still competitive.

I had wanted to try TREC for years. It looked like so much fun, so having the opportunity to take part in some training seemed like the prefect time to give it a go. To say I was hooked from the first obstacle is an understatement. Since then we competed during the 2019 winter series and our plan was to be out competing during the Summer. As we all know Covid had other ideas so instead we’ve been competing online, getting out when we can and practicing those trickier obstacles so when we get the green light to get back to face to face we are ready. TREC has turned out to be the perfect fit for Mossi and me. Him because his over active Connemara mind needs to keep constantly challenged and me because I love the people and the support we get every time we go out. I can’t wait to get back out this Summer and meet many more of the TREC community.


Lizzie Murdoch


I had wanted to have a go at TREC for quite a few years but never got around to it.  I attended a training session locally about 5 years ago and was hooked, it was such fun and I found something my pony could do!  It really is the friendliest equestrian discipline – my granddaughter now joins me at competitions in the pairs classes.


Sheila Rogerson


Classed as an experienced Treccie having started in 1999 at Richmond N Yorks. We live near Pontefract, West Yorkshire with good access to major roads. For several years Dave and I mixed endurance with TREC, until there were more competitions and we had a wagon so went all over Great Britain. We have ridden as a pair and individual at Level 2A and 3 depending on the age and fitness of the horses. The POR is always a challenge for my concentration but I really enjoy a varied route although the PTV is probably my favourite part. I’ve been lucky to have ridden Pocket, Rusty and now Bobby who is steadily improving. I am a judge, organiser and TD looking forward to getting back out there as soon as possible.


Sarah Appleby


I have been riding and competing for over 40 years and have taken part in most equestrian disciplines. My background is mainly endurance/long distance riding having done my first pleasure ride in 1985 and competed with EHPS, BERA and EGB at distances up to 80km. I had been intrigued by TREC for many years and finally got a chance to try it out back at a winter TREC in 2014. Since then I have competed mainly at winter TREC but also done a few full summer TREC competitions, culminating in qualifying for L1 champs in 2018 on my first attempt with my superstar partner in crime, the incredible, slightly grumpy Spanish pony Kernow Sasparilla (Monkey to all who know him!) owned by a good friend who (luckily for me) doesn’t like to compete. We had a fantastic time at L1 champs at Hamley Hagg and scored the highest POR score across all the classes! A very proud moment for me!

For me, TREC is all about the fun, the challenge, the different elements and mostly the social! It is such an inclusive sport, everyone happy to help, advise and encourage.

You may see me this year with either Monkey or either of my coloured horses, a tall and bouncy Warmblood/Arab named Dan and a small and hairy traditional cob named Meg. Both wearing bright coloured bridles!  If you see me please say hi!!! Photo is of Monkey and me at the 2018 champs.