Bishop Wilton results (updated)

Wow, what a fantastic day was had by all! It’s been wonderful to hear & read so much lovely feedback about the routes, course & organisation with special thanks to Marie’s family for looking after our judges so well alongside doing the catering in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance. We’ll update you on the amount raised when we can.

Well done team WHTG – Marie, Joy, Peter, Paula and all helpers who gave up their time to make the competition run perfectly. It was also great to see so many members who were not riding there to help – thank you all.

Paula Dowson & Gillian Newey even came all the way over from the Isle of Man – they really enjoyed themselves, and rode to the pub in Millington on Saturday (in the rain), tied their horses up in the car park and went in for a brandy!! This is the TREC social adventure spirit in action, brilliant to see & we hope they’ve inspired you to travel further.

Thank you again to all our generous sponsors for the prizes which were very well received – if we have enough people on the organising teams in future we’ll definitely look to do food hampers again:
Westminster Controls
Guppy’s Chocolates
Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil
J Stringer & Sons Porridge Oats
Yorkshire Orchards
Brewtown Tours

Andrew Ray stepped in at the last minute as our usual event photographer couldn’t make it, please support his first foray into TREC photography (he usually does endurance), you can view & buy images here.

Here are the results as announced on the day, but due to an error in the scoring programme it has since been decided to jointly award 1st place to both Ina West and Kathryn Rollinson at Level 2 Individual – well done both! One ticket that disappeared overnight needs to be removed as everyone got 30 penalties erroneously so your scores will all go up.

If you haven’t already thanked the organisers, please feel free to send your comments to & – kind words in the aftermath of so much work do make a big difference to how soon organisers run another one!

Remember you can also give feedback to TREC GB on any event you’ve ridden at via (this doesn’t get sent to organisers but is used by TREC GB to evaluate competitions, share learning points & identify training requirements).

The next WHTG event will be at Ingleby LN1 2PQ on 6 October, a winter series competition held in their large outdoor arena in aid of St Barnabas Hospice, with the possibility of additional classes on the grass obstacle course/mini POR subject to weather/ground conditions & judge availability.  Schedule will be out in early August so keep the date free.

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Bishop Wilton times & info

Please read all the information on this page in advance.

Thank you for entering Bishop Wilton TREC. We hope that you bring good weather with you and everyone has an enjoyable day.

DIRECTIONS – please download comprehensive directions Bishop Wilton directions and take note of the restriction on entering from one direction.

VENUE MAP Bishop Wilton venue map – please download it/screenshot it to your phone or print it for reference on the day.

CORRALLING – The venue will be open from 3pm on Saturday 27th July. Please do not arrive before this time unless permission has been sought from the organiser in advance. We do have some competitors travelling from afar (Isle of Man!) who are arriving on the Friday.

Space in the parking/corralling field will be tight especially with 40 horses and over half of these requesting corralling. With this in mind we will have a parking steward to help direct you from 3pm Saturday and on Sunday morning. Please look out for a man in a hi viz vest (my Dad!). He is also very good at reversing trailers if anyone is struggling.

For those arriving on Saturday, please park and corral along the hedge to the left of the gateway first. Please park with either the front or rear of your vehicle against the hedge and place your corral as close as possible to the right hand side of your vehicle (as you face the hedge) and on the same side as your ramp if side loading/unloading. Please keep corrals to a maximum of 5m wide but they can be the length of your vehicle (or slightly more if you only have a 3.5 ton box). There will then be a vehicle in between each corral. Once this row is full we will need to form 2 rows in the middle of the field parking facing each other.

Please leave a corridor for vehicle access to the PTV field. Please leave the fence line against the woods empty for people arriving Sunday who are not corralling.

** The organisers have the right to ask those who have taken up too much space to reduce the size of their corral.**

The field does have plenty of grass cover but please ensure that you bring sufficient hay/haylage with you for the duration of your stay especially as your corral size will be limited.

Please electrify your corral and ensure that name and contact details are clearly displayed. Please also leave a headcollar on your horse with contact details attached in case of any escapees!

Please pick up the poo from around your vehicle and from your corral. There will be an area to leave your muck in the field. Please make sure you leave everything clean and tidy when you leave. Please take all rubbish home with you.

WATER – There will be tap in the right hand corner of the corralling field. Please bring your own human drinking water with you. There will be drinks available for purchase from the catering caravan.

CAMPING – There will be an area fenced off in the field next to the corralling field for those who are planning on camping – no tents to be erected in the corralling field.

DOGS – Dogs are welcome but please ensure that you clean up any mess that they make. There are sheep and cattle on the farm and in neighbouring fields so all dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Any person whose dog is observed off the lead will be required to give a £20 donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

CATERING – There will be a caravan in the PTV field which will offer for sale to competitors hot and cold drinks and cakes. Any donations of cakes from competitors or helpers welcomed. If the weather forecast stays fine we also hope to sell some ice cream for you to enjoy after your POR. All profit from the catering sales will be donated to Yorkshire Air Ambulance so please support this worthy cause.

Anyone who has offered to help judge on Sunday will be offered hot and cold drinks, lunch and cakes to consume before, during or after you have helped.

COMPETITOR NUMBERS AND WRISTBANDS – Please collect your competitor number bib from the secretary. The number bib is to be worn for the MA & PTV phases only. Number bib not required for POR.

Please also collect 2 wristbands which include emergency contact numbers. Please use one on your wrist and attach one to your horse’s saddle or bridle for the POR.

HAT, PASSPORT AND FIRST AID KIT CHECK – Please bring your hat, your horse’s passport and your first aid kit to the secretary for inspection when you collect your number bib. This will be available Saturday evening between 3.00pm and 6.00pm and Sunday morning between 7.00am and 11.00am. Please ensure that your hat complies with the current guidelines as outlined in the TREC GB rule book.

First aid kits will be checked in accordance with the TREC Rule Book 2019. Items must be in date. First aid kit for both equine and human *. The main purpose of the first aid kit is to help stop blood loss and it therefore must include: • at least 5 sterile swabs • 1 pair of round-ended scissors • 1 elastic bandage, around 10cm wide • 1 disinfectant or antiseptic solution.

MA/PTV COURSE – **There are no fixed obstacles on the PTV so body protectors are not compulsory** If you do choose to wear one, please make sure it complies with current guidelines as outlined in the TREC GB rule book.

The MA/PTV will be available for walking from 3.00pm Saturday. If you intend to walk the course on Sunday morning, please bear in mind that the MA starts at 8.30am, so please watch out for riders on the course. A plan of the course and list of obstacles will be available at the Secretary.

Kathryn Rollinson has kindly offered to lead a guided course walk at 5.00pm on Saturday. There is no fixed cost for attending this but it would be appreciated if those who do attend would give a donation towards the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

MAP ROOM – Please leave your horse in your corral, tied up to your lorry/trailer or inside your lorry/trailer whilst you are in the map room. If you are not happy to leave your horse unattended, you will be expected to find your own help from someone to watch them for you as we do not have sufficient helpers available on the day to do this for you.

The map room is in a farm building. Please exit the parking/corralling field via the narrow gate in the corner near the water trough. Turn left and follow the driveway towards the farm. It will be signposted from here. Please wait outside quietly until you are called in. It is only a short walk but please allow plenty of time to walk there.

After you have finished marking your map you will be asked to place the map in an envelope and seal it. Please keep the map sealed until after your tack check. You will have 30 minutes from finishing in the map room to your tack check time. This will allow you sufficient time to get back to your vehicle, tack up and make your way to the tack check. Please ensure you have all of the compulsory POR equipment with you and present to the tack check promptly as the POR start time is 5 minutes after the tack check time. You will be able to open your sealed map after the tack check is completed.

POR – The majority of the route is on public bridleways and quiet roads. There are some sections where permission has been sought to use other tracks and cross private land which is not open to the public so please do not attempt to ride the same routes on another day.

You may encounter vehicles, walkers, cyclists and other horse riders en route. Please be courteous at all times and give way to other path users. There are quite a few gates on route – most are easy to open and close on horseback but there are a couple which are more tricky especially on the level 2 route so please be prepared to dismount if necessary. In most cases there is something nearby you can use as a mounting block to get back on for those like me who find it tricky without!

If anyone is bringing someone with them who is not judging and could be a gate opener for a few hours, please let the organisers know as the competitors will be very grateful.

There will be livestock on route for both levels – please be sensible and walk when passing through them. I have ridden the route many times and the cattle have never bothered us. They do occasionally like to follow you from a distance, so please be aware of this.

Level 2’s please be aware that you may encounter a number of recently released pheasants on part of your route.

You may be riding around field edges – please keep off the crops – there is enough room on the edges to pass safely.

Horse water will be provided at a POR checkpoint and there is a natural water source on the level 2 route. Please ensure you take sufficient quantity of your own drinks with you on the POR.

PHOTOGRAPHS – Sadly our photographer is no longer able to cover the event, if you know one who can step in please get them to email

PRIZE GIVING – If you cannot stay for the prize giving and wish your rosette to be posted please leave a large envelope with £1 for postage or with a large letter stamp on.

The event is being run in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Yorkshire Air Ambulance will be bringing a stall and holding a raffle/tombola. If anyone would like to donate a prize please let the organiser, Marie Spillane know via email

As a regular competitor myself, I was keen to offer competitors slightly different prizes at this TREC to what is normally awarded. I utilised my husband’s excellent negotiating skills and he has successfully secured some fantastic sponsorship towards the prizes on offer this weekend. Competitors placed 1st to 3rd in each class will be awarded with a selection of produce from local Yorkshire food producers. We hope that you enjoy sampling their produce and support them again in the future.

We are very grateful to the following local companies who have generously donated prizes for competitors or the raffle

Level 2 1st prize winners will receive Yorkshire Hampers kindly sponsored by Westminster Controls
Guppy’s Chocolates
Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil
J Stringer & Sons Porridge Oats
Apple juice donated by Anne & Bill Bradley made by Yorkshire Orchards
Mark Stredwick at Brewtown Tours, gift voucher for a tour of Yorkshire’s best microbreweries

Please make arrangements for prizes to be collected by a fellow competitor if you cannot stay yourself. They cannot be posted and must be collected from the competition.

EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBERS – Please add these to your phone now so they’re easily accessed in case of an incident. 

Organiser – Marie Spillane 07779 578474
Secretary – Joy Bradley 07889 197503
Technical Delegate – Peter Bean 07713 944124

Vet – Station House Out of hours emergency 01209 823717
Farrier – Paul Young, please see organiser or secretary if you require his services

Now you’ve read all that, here are your Bishop Wilton rider times! We hope you all have a great day out.

If you’d like to download this text as a document, click here (you’ll still need to click the other links to download times/directions/map).

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Vote results

Thank you to everyone who voted on the club’s proposed disaffiliation from BRC – the vote was in favour of disaffiliation.

Detailed results have been emailed to all members, and the committee will take the required steps after the next committee meeting on Tuesday 23rd July.

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Important – all member vote

Following a successful Special General Meeting on 19 June, members have been emailed the minutes and the voting instructions to have the final say on whether WHTG should disaffiliate from BRC.

Please check your junk mail if you haven’t got it, and contact if nothing received.

If you would like to cast your vote by post rather than email, please email to request this no later than 3 July 2019, and we will post out a voting paper for you to return by 12 July 2019.

Responses must be received no later than 23:59 on Friday 12 July.


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Bulcote results & report

Results are now available here

To all our fabulous competitors and amazing judges – thank you for all your help to make Bulcote 2019 such a success. You faced a POR of trials and tribulations including a fun fair, a lock with real boats, cows, lots and lots and lots of gates, a river, fords, pelotons and people and you did it all with smiles on your faces.

Thanks to the intrepid for braving rain, hail, sun and wind, there are some fantastic photographs – please check out the page and support Ruth by buying your favourite images – they are available now here 

Sandra from Equidgel gave an informative talk on Saturday night on horse hydration and the benefits of fluid, and Jim from fed everyone.

The PTV had its own challenges with riders creating mayhem with certain obstacles but luckily we managed to rebuild in situ allowing all to enjoy.

We had worthy winners in all levels, lots of newcomers who had braved it to go up a level and a special pony prize courtesy of Barney, pictured here at the end of level 2 POR a month before his 25th birthday!

Without the help from all behind the scenes helpers we wouldn’t have been able to have had the fun that we did. Thanks must also go to our lovely hosts John & Katie Jackson for allowing us to use the fabulous venue.

Thank you all for coming and we hope to see you again soon – Jenni, Caroline and Jackie.

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Special General Meeting & Bishop Wilton Schedule out now

All members should have received an important email about a Special General Meeting on 19 June. Please respond as soon as possible so that we can order enough food.

The schedule for Bishop Wilton TREC is now available. We anticipate high demand for places, so don’t delay if you want to enter!

Bishop Wilton Schedule v2 PDF

Bishop Wilton Schedule v2 word

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Bulcote times & info

Start times & numbers

Competitor information

MA and PTV

If you’ve volunteered to judge you should have received an email today from with directions and information. If not, please send them an email to ensure you don’t miss out!

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