Stapleton Results

We had a very successful if rather damp Bank Holiday Monday at Stapleton. Well done to all competitors , especially those in the later classes who had the worst of the rain to deal with. Please find the results below. 

Results for Stapleton

As Sheila has already said Thankyou very much to all judges & helpers, especially those helped to put everything away so speedily at the end of the day meaning we actually finished early for once!  Also massive Thankyou to Katie Carr for letting us use Stapleton Park as a venue slightly at the last minute when Covid once again thwarted plans for indoor competitions.  We hope to be back again in the future. 

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Stapleton Course Plans

Please find below the course plan for the PTV field & obstacle lists for all classes. Looking at the weather forecast we may all be needing our waterproofs in the afternoon! But what else can we expect from the British Weather on a Bank Holiday Monday? Good luck everyone!

Stapleton May 2021 PTV plan

Stapleton obstacles May 2021

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Harwood Dale Open for Entries

Harwood Dale is now open entries!

We anticipate this event to be quite popular so would advise getting your entries in early to avoid disappointment. Head over to the Events page for the schedule. 


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Times for Stapleton

Please find below directions to the venue, times & competitor information.

We are not allowing spectators at this event but if you are bringing a driver / helper with you please make sure you have filled in a COVID-19 contact info form for them and returned this before Sunday evening. 

Please read the Competitor Information carefully as obviously there are a few things different to normal due to Covid restrictions. As at Thornton we are are encouraging competitors to ARRIVE, COMPETE & LEAVE.  There will be no results on the day (they will be emailed out to all competitors after the event along with scoresheets) & if you would like any rosettes posting please bring a SAE with a large letter stamp on. 

Stapleton Site Plan (1)

Address for the venue is STAPLETON PARK ESTATE, DARRINGTON, PONTEFRACT WEST YORKS, WF8 3DD.  Please follow the route indicated on the map after coming off the A1 at Darrington (Valley Rd/ Bank Wood Rd) which may differ from your Sat Nav. 

Stapleton Route to Venue Map (1)

Please find the times below

Stapleton times 3.5.21

Course plans & obstacle lists will be to follow on Sunday morning.

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Thornton House Results

Our first event of 2021 was held at Thornton House Farm by kind permission of the Dexter family. This fabulous venue is easily accessible from the A1079 and we were delighted that we were welcomed back after many previous TREC competitions and camps which have been held here.

2021 saw a new organiser for this winter series event, Marie Spillane who has been competing in TREC for a number of years and is fortunate to live only a few miles from the venue.

We were very grateful to the owners in allowing us to set up on the Saturday evening once a full day of dressage competition had been completed. Huge thank you to everyone who helped to set up: Sam Askew; Lucy; Lizzie & Isla Murdoch; Anne & Bill Bradley; Marie, Dave & Alana Spillane. Special mention to Sam as she had been helping to run the dressage all day and still found time to help us.

The competition started at 9.30am and we had a fabulous team of helpers throughout the day. We are very grateful for their help judging and stewarding which enabled the day to run very smoothly and mostly to time! TREC competitions cannot run without the support of our helpers who are prepared to give up their time to help.

In the morning we had Sam Askew as warm up steward, Duncan North and Kirsty Collinson judging PTV, Anne Bradley judging MA, Lizzie Murdoch on the exit gate and judging MA, Isla Murdoch timing and arena party. In order for the same judges to be used for each competitor with the split times, the novice TYOL was judged by Marie Spillane and Lizzie Murdoch and the lead rein/in hand was judged by Lizzie Murdoch and Anne Bradley. In the afternoon we had Linda Gibson as warm up steward, Tina Negri and Joy Bradley judging the PTV, Liz Crowther judging MA, Jane Chivers on the exit gate and judging MA. We also had Bill Bradley as car park steward all day to assist in view of parking being limited.  Dave and Alana Spillane made sure our helpers were kept happy with water and snacks!

Thankfully, we were blessed with good weather having made the decision to continue to run everything outdoors when we could have switched back to indoors after a last minute rule change regarding use of indoor schools. We felt that this was the safest environment for judges and riders given the current situation with COVID-19. The dry weather meant we could do the MA/control of paces on grass, helping prepare competitors for the summer season and giving us more room in the arena for lots of different obstacles. We managed to incorporate some of the local temporary obstacles – ridden L, teardrop, L shaped reinback, sidepass and turnabout box.

We have already received lots of praise from competitors for this event and it was fantastic to see so many young competitors enjoying their rounds (and showing the rest of us how it should be done!).

We finished the day slightly ahead of the scheduled time and with lots of helpers, the trailer was packed up by 4.30pm!

Please find the results below

Thornton Results

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Thornton House Course Plan & Obstacle Lists

Please find below the course plan & obstacle lists for Sunday. Good luck everyone & just one last reminder that everything will be taking place outdoors. Fingers crossed for plenty of sunshine & that it stays dry for everyone.

Please remember that results will NOT be given on the day (they will be emailed out) & if you would like any rosettes posting please bring with you a stamp addressed large letter envelope. Please read the competitor information carefully to make sure you have understood all the guidelines which will make the day run smoother for everyone 🙂

Course planObstacle Lists for all classes


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Thornton House Times & Information

Please find all paperwork relating to Sunday’s event below:

Please aim to ARRIVE, COMPETE, LEAVE and keep the number of people accompanying you to a minimum. Spectators are not allowed so strictly helpers/drivers only. If you are bringing anyone with you, we MUST have this form filled out & returned with their contact details before Saturday evening.  

covid-19-contact-info thornton

Please read the competitor information carefully as obviously this event is being run slightly differently to normal & with extra precautions in place including a one-way system. Please respect & adhere to them. 

Competitor Information-Thornton April 2021

Thornton times

Thornton Venue map

Directions to Thornton House Farm

Obstacle lists and course plan to follow.  

The current TREC GB rulebook containing the majority of obstacles used is available: 

Please note that due to Covid / social distancing TREC GB have authorised the use of some temporary local obstacles to replace those that aren’t appropriate to use at the moment, some of which are included at Thornton. 

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Stapleton Winter Series Event open for entries

Due to the unfortunate need to cancel the Moorhouse Winter TREC we have managed to schedule another outdoor Winter Series event at Stapleton on 3rd May. We hope this event will be just as successful & run just as smoothly as the one held at the same venue way back in September. This venue offers easy access just off the A1 & will be held on grass (prayers for dry weather appreciated!)

Anyone already entered for Moorhouse who has replied to their email & asked for their entry to be transferred does not need to fill out another entry form (for anyone who has not replied please could you do so ASAP, especially if you DO want your entry transferring as we are now accepting new entries so the classes are likely to start filling up). For everyone else the schedule is up on the Events page & should also be on the TREC GB website.

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WHTG Training Vouchers Update.

As lockdown eases and we look forward to more training and competitions, the committee wishes to clarify and update one of the WHTG membership benefits. Historically new and re-joining members were allowed two vouchers of £5 to use against any organised WHTG training.

However, this year, because membership was rolled over from 2019/20 and members didn’t have to pay to renew, the allowance has not been offered for this year. 

New and re-joining members who paid their £15 membership fee for 2020/21, will still be eligible to claim the training vouchers. 

Any unused vouchers from 2019/20 are not carried forward. Please ask at the time of signing up for the reduction.

Recognised WHTG Trainers are Evie O’Keefe and Kathryn Rollinson.

Following a recent WHTG Committee Meeting it was decided that in future, as a members’ benefit, all WHTG organised training will cost members £5 less than that charged to non-members.

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Update regarding Winter Series Events

Sadly due to the recent update regarding how Covid restrictions apply to indoor arena use we have had to take the decision to cancel the Winter Series event at Moorhouse Equestrian Centre as their indoor arenas are fully enclosed & there is no option at this venue to move things outdoors. We are currently looking at alternative venues to run a Winter Series event outdoors (likely on a different date). When everything is in place for this we will contact everyone currently entered for Moorhouse by email with the details to give them the option to transfer their entry. The replacement event will then be published on the WHTG website. Please bear with us whilst we deal with this latest challenge.

Thornton House will go ahead on 18th April but unless there is a change in restrictions between now & then will be run entirely outdoors (please start your dances for sunshine & nice weather now but maybe bring some warm clothing & waterproofs just in case!)

Also we have currently had very little interest in the PTV/XC training running on 24th April & 16th May with Harriet Morris-Baumber in East Yorkshire. We need at least 6 people per date for this event to be worth running. If you are interested please email ASAP or we may need to look at postponing this training until later in the Summer.

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